Killing of the Sinless Girl Child - A Brutal Taboo in Our Civilised Society

Killing of the Sinless Girl Child – A Brutal Taboo in Our Civilised Society

Yay! I am pregnant. I am a pregnant housewife residing in the US. One can imagine the life of a pregnant lady here. It is very difficult due to lack of support system (maids). Still, this did not stop me from enjoying the bliss of my pregnancy journey. The extra care, the freedom to listen to your cravings and curb them, it was indeed a blissful time for me. At the 5th month of my pregnancy, my doctor told me that I can choose for the baby’s gender disclosure. So, I and my husband were very excited about the scanning day.

Before the scanning day, it was a normal long call with my in-laws and to my surprise, they told me to pray for a son as daughters are no less than a liability to their parents. They do no good to their parents. ‘Ladki kabhi ladke ki barabari nahi kar sakti. Ladka hoga toh jackpot hai’, meaning that girls can never be equal to guys. This made me anxious. What if it’s a girl! Then I suddenly regained my senses; I cannot be biased. It’s my own child. Who is to say girls are not equal to boys. Both are equally tremendous and do a stupendous job at their respective places. And women surely gain the first place as nothing can match their versatility as a daughter, a wife and a mother.

Then the scanning day arrived and it when the results came, it was a girl. On hearing this, the smiles of my family members vanished. Everyone at home started pointing finger at me for not having a male child! Why is a baby girl such big taboo in the society? My in-laws probably have forgotten that it was a woman who gave birth to their son. Male race is born from the female race. Isn’t it a substantial thing that the so called ‘superior gender’ is born from an inferior one? So now the question is, who is far more ahead – the male species or the female species? Why is it that those long hours of labour, that painful stretching of the uterus and those suicidal contractions are not paid heed to?

I, in fact, am proud to give birth to a baby girl, a warrior, a fighter and a maker of the next generation. This post is to all those mothers-in-law to stop endorsing male child and to those mums to take pride in being a mom of a baby girl.

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