Is Your Happiness Just About Someone Else's Happiness Over Yours?

Is Your Happiness Just About Someone Else’s Happiness Over Yours?

Sometimes, your in-laws can have too many expectations from you, and it can get stressful. You try to fit in their world so that you get a pat on the shoulder for being a good daughter in law. You worry about their opinion and go the extra mile to make sure you stay in their good books. You try every possible way to keep things the way they want you to. Well, that’s a very obedient and nice daughter-in-law a family could ever have, and it’s a joy you are a part of theirs.

When you were busy running errands for the family, when you were busy looking after your husband’s wellbeing, when you were busy monitoring your child’s activities, when you were busy ensuring your parents-in-law were doing good, and when you were busy making everyone a healthy meal, did you spare some moments to worry about your wellbeing, too?

We, sometimes, overlook our own problems and forget how to take care. It definitely is a good call to be prioritising the family, but we should realise our mental and physical wellness matters so much to run a happy family.

So, spare some time to pamper yourself by going out, have fun with friends, go dine out with your husband and children, go on a shopping spree, enjoy a vacation, make your husband make something special for you, visit the spa, hit the gym, movies, etc., or at least get some sound sleep. Get your husband to look after the child when you nap, let your parents-in-law or your older siblings or your mom be with the baby when you go out, invite friends over if you can’t step out, etc. Plan a getaway if you have a better privilege.

If you can’t have any of these, you are for sure stressing yourself, and your body and mind are screaming for help. No matter how much you take care of your family, a little bit of “me” is a must for a happy and healthy you.

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