How Naming My Baby Became a Funny Incident

The chapter of naming my little one is a new addition to the few funny incidents in my life, which I think could not have happened if I would have been staying nuclear.

This is a very funny and interesting story behind naming my newborn.

Apart from a few serious notions of naming a baby, i.e. it gives an identity to the child and that it is something which will remain for life, it also has a fun element attached to it.

Starting from the day when our panditji gave us the alphabets for finalising our baby’s name.

1) The suggestions flood in from all the members of the family, be it the youngest or the eldest.

2) Parents of the newborn forcibly have to keep up with all the suggestions made by the relatives.

3) The next big deal – Who shall name the baby?

a) Is it the bride’s family or the groom’s family?
b) The bua, chachu, maasi, mama, grandfather, grandmother or nanu and nani?

4) Everyone wants to participate and wants to be the winner of the “name the baby” contest.

5) Sweet fights among the family members kept the mood lively and happy.

6) Research was conducted for suggestions of new and classic names on the internet, especially social media platforms.

7) In our case, a WhatsApp group was created for the family members to send in their name suggestions any time of the day with a lock-in period of 7 days.

8) After the research, the next fight was for the “meaning” of the names suggested.

9) Few family members referred numerology.

10) Few referred astrology for the names.

11) Few elders tried to relate the names with their and their ancestors’ names and ended up giving very funny suggestions.

12) Few also recommended keeping the baby’s name using letters our names.

13) Few members even referred their religious gurus for the names.

Then, the day for naming the baby arrived. There were multiple suggestions from everyone in the family, and it was very difficult for us to choose one. But, panditji, the priest who came for the puja, asked the grandfather to name the baby, and he suggested “Yuvaan”, another name for Lord Shiva. The name was appreciated by all the members of the family.

This is how the fight for naming our baby was finally called off by panditji.

But, the discussions are still going on to change the baby’s name before it is documented.

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