Here’s a Letter to My Kid

Here's a Letter to My Kid

Dear Pihu,

The day, you came into this world, you looked us in the eye, and I knew you owned us from that moment on. Since then, every day I’ve wanted time to pause for a bit just so I could experience more and more moments of my new life with you.

Looking at the way you share your things and care for us, I know and I feel you will be a kind person. And I promise we both will try and lead a life which teaches you to be a good-hearted person not only for us but for the people around as well who need your help and love. I know I don’t have to tell you to make friends as being social is in your genes.You will always have your family, but the friends you make are the family you choose so be wise while doing that.

I am sure that in this case,  your parents will definitely be your role models as you have seen how our friends matter to us and vice versa.
I have seen you trying to copy me whenever I’m cooking or drying clothes. I love that. It’s good to see you help me in doing chores (which 99% times are your own creation) but then what matters is that you listen to me and clean all the mess. Remember you were not born with a silver spoon and you should always be down to earth and grateful for whatever you have. No work is big or small in this world. You have to be responsible enough to own up to the work that is given to you and complete it in the best possible way you can.

This world might be judgemental in many aspects, be it your looks, attitude, clothes, etc. But you have to stand strong against all the odds.
Your dad & I both believe in God, and it would be great if you would too. Always be thankful to God whether what happens is good or bad because you might not realise it, but it’s all for your good. Many of these things that I am encouraging you to do would lead you down a path that would make you a girl just like me (your dad might get jealous after reading this). Lastly, you are our baby, our treasure, our lifeline. And I will remind you of that—as best I can—every moment for the rest of my life.

I promise.
Your Amma

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