Raise Your Kids the Way You Wish You Were Raised

Raise Your Kids the Way You Wish You Were Raised

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From the time she’s born to the time she takes her last breath, a woman is always restricted from making her own choices with one phrase “You are a girl”. This phrase is spoken more to make her realise that there are certain things which she can’t do or to state it briefly; she is not allowed to. How does this matter-of-fact kind of statement empower and make one superior while making the other inferior? A woman bleeds for five days straight every month for years, and we all exist because of those menstrual cycles. She puts at stake her career, her ambitions, her dreams, her sleep to bring a life into this world and yet she is stopped with one phrase “You are a girl”. What is this thing for women in society? Why is a woman questioned about her duties when a man is not? I wish for a society where that phrase will make a girl proud of being a girl; where instead of putting her down, that phrase will lift her. And with the growing world, the matter of gender equality has grown very faster. However, in the name of gender equality, many-a-times, men are put at a lower position than the woman. I don’t wish for a society where women are superior to men but a society where both are treated equally.

For this, we must teach our generations the true meaning of equality. We must learn and help our children learn to respect everyone despite what gender they are. “You are a boy” and ” You are a girl”, these two phrases should only be facts and not statements. Let’s teach our kids their responsibilities. Let’s not create differences between them. Let them have the same treatment. Only our upbringing would help this society to get better with time. It’s our call, let’s take it.

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