Believe in Yourself & Be Confident, Then Breastfeed Your Baby & See the Wonder

Believe in Yourself & Be Confident, Then Breastfeed Your Baby & See the Wonder

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Every new mother will be curious and confused about breastfeeding. Even I was very confused! But the moment when my baby latched for the first time for feeding, it felt like a connection was made between us. Now, he is 7 months old, and he still enjoys his feeding. I believe that it’s because of our bonding that we both enjoy feeding sessions.

I have heard a lot of myths about breastfeeding. My mom, my in-laws, and my grandmothers were not hesitant about giving their opinions. Some were of value, and some were not. Some stories of my cousins’ regarding breastfeeding even horrified me. I was quite stressed.

But, at that point, someone who wouldn’t know anything about breastfeeding gave me one piece of advice. It was none other than my husband. He told me, listen to everyone, but don’t take it to your mind. It’s your baby, not theirs. You should be confident that you can provide what your baby wants. Be with him, talk with him. When you are confident, nothing in this world can break that bond of feeding.

That advice changed everything. There were days when my baby bit on my nipple, or cried during feeding, but they were few and far between. I think it’s because of my belief and our bonding.

I know many new moms and moms-to-be who are tensed about breastfeeding, because I had gone through this myself. Sharing my experiences about my breastfeeding sessions is a pleasure, so that it can help you to relax and enjoy your feeding sessions, too.

  1. Always clean your areolas before and after feeding. It’s very important.
  2. If your feeding position is perfect, then everything is perfect. Find a comfortable position both you and your baby.
  3. Eye contact can do magic. Make your baby feel happy and loved. Feel the bond between you two.
  4. Finally and most importantly, believe in yourself that you have enough breast milk for your baby to make him happy and healthy. Trust me, this will do wonders!

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