Babyhug Wooden Number Puzzle Play - Your Kid Learns Numbers in a Fun Way!

Babyhug Wooden Number Puzzle Play – Your Kid Learns Numbers in a Fun Way!

The Babyhug Wooden Number Puzzle Play is great for babies with chubby hands. They can grasp the wooden number puzzle pieces and strengthen their pincer grip and hand muscles. Yes, baby activities can be exciting; they can evoke curiosity, and help develop physical and cognitive skills, too. 

The quality of this product is excellent! It has a large board with hidden fruit pictures. Riyansh, my son, learnt numbers by counting the fruits and the names of the fruits within two days. It’s learning with fun and enjoyment, so it serves three purposes – numbers+counting+fruit names.

We also play hide and seek with numbers; for example, pineapple is under which number. This makes learning more fun.

Here are some benefits of the Babyhug Wooden Number Puzzle for child development:

  1. Concentration – My baby is able to concentrate on the number puzzle for about 15-20 minutes. This educational toy helps children concentrate on one task without any interruptions. It improves focus and inculcates patience while working on number tasks. 
  2. Spatial awareness – My child learned to identify which number fits to which particular number space by observing its shape. He also learned counting with fruits pictures on the board. 
  3. Topic-specific knowledge– My baby learnt numbers faster with everyday practice as he played the games. 
  4. Fine motor abilities – The toy helps improve fine motor skills with lots of practise holding and moving small objects accurately. 
  5. Hand-eye coordination – It helps to improve hand-eye coordination because before placing a number, the baby sees the space where it fits and then carefully moves the number to its designated space with his hands.
  6. Problem-solving skills – All numbers are mixed up and must be organised and assembled. This gives your baby a chance to learn problem-solving skills. 
  7. Language – While teaching numbers, we can also teach lots of new words. 
  8. Memory – Babyhugs wooden number puzzle keep babies active, which is beneficial for their memory. With lots of practice, the time to solve the number puzzle also improves. And, the child also remembers which fruit is located under which number.
  9. Self-esteem – Completing the puzzle is a confidence booster. It raises children’s self-esteem, too. My child shouts “I did it” after completing the last number in Babyhug wooden number puzzle and is so excited to show his work! 
  10. Social skills – parents can work with children to solve the puzzle and ask politely for a particular number. It provides a learning opportunity to talk and work together, which develops the baby’s social skills. 

From fine motor to problem-solving to raising self-esteem, the advantages for Babyhug Wooden Number Puzzle for children are numerous. This educational toy is obviously important for kids to learn cognitive, physical and emotional skills which will support them later on in life as they grow up.

Its quality makes it a product every mommy should buy to teach their child numbers with fun and play. Its specially designed board with fruit pictures makes learning with fun; play peekaboo with number and fruit pictures.  How cool is that!

Thank you Babyhug for designing it! This educational toy provides so many benefits – learning numbers, playing, strengthening memory and focus, and much more. Yes, I would recommend this product to every parent.

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