List of Sleep Poems for Children

Bedtime Poems: Make Learning Fun With These 4 Types of Poems

Teach your children the importance of positivity, curiosity and learning with engaging bedtime poems. These nightly rituals can promote sound sleep and also strengthen the bond between parents and children. There’s a huge collection of poems for kids that you can explore. Use the internet to your advantage and create a collection of poems which makes learning fun!

Reading out an interesting bedtime poem for kids is a great way to relax them. It gets them ready for bed and can instill in them happy and positive thoughts. Reading their favourite poems over and over again also help them learn, so it’s not long before you’ll have them recite the poem to you. Since children learn very quickly, it’s imperative to select the right types of poems. Humorous poems, inspirational rhymes and fantastical limericks are fun to read and listen to. Here are a few that you can try.

Types of Bedtime Poems for Children

1. Funny Poems

Kids love humour, so indulge them with funny poems. Most moms would agree that laughter is good for kids and what better way than poems that can make them laugh. You’ll love to see your darling sleep with a smile on her face. A couple of humorous poems you can check out are ‘The Tighty-Whitey Spider’, ‘Carl the Cookie Carrier’ by Ken Nesbitt, and the very cheeky ‘Today The Teacher Farted’.

2. Inspiring Poems

Inspiring poems can have a big impact on kids. You should get as many of them as you can. Some poems you can read are ‘Aim High to the Sky’ by James McDonald, ‘The Man Who Thinks He Can’ by Walter D. Wintle, and ‘Growing Smiles’. These poems will infuse the kids with a spirit of positivity and motivate them further.

3. Animal and Character Poems

Children love anything to do with animals and fantastic characters. They’re stimulating and can expand their creative side. Let their imagination soar as they listen to ‘My Dog and I’ by Alice J. Cleator, ‘The Fly-Away Horse’ by Eugene Field, and ‘The Ant and the Cricket’. Some voice modulation will bring the character to life and your kids will love it!

4. Poems About the Moon and Stars

It’s never too early to instill an interest in astronomy! Such poems are loved by kids as these pique their curiosity. Choose poems with rhymes that make learning easy. You can recite ‘Our Star’ by James McDonald, ‘The Princess in Saturn’ by Laura E. Richards, and ‘Escape At Bedtime’ by Robert Louis Stevenson. These poems will help them imagine beyond their limit.

Remember: Variety Makes for Fun Learning.

Just one or two poems won’t make your child happy. You’ll get bored reading them too. Have a collection of engaging numbers instead, and you’ll have no problem meeting the requests of “one more poem, please!” from your children.

These are only a few bedtime poems from among dozens that you can try. There are numerous websites dedicated to children’s poems that you can visit. Pick the best ones that match the interests of your children. You can also ask them to choose. They’ll love their poem time and will learn them all before you know it!

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