Back Pain After C-Section – Causes and Remedies

A woman suffering from back pain

If a pregnant woman is suffering from certain medical conditions or if the baby is not in a position that is viable for a natural birth to take place, most doctors proceed to undertake a caesarean surgery to deliver the baby. While this keeps the baby safe, many women tend to suffer from lower back pain after C section, along with the pain that accompanies the stitches and the usual surgery. Though the pain might be a result of the body coming to terms with childbirth and end of pregnancy, there are aspects that point at certain medical reasons as well.

What Causes Back Pain after Cesarean Delivery?

The process of caesarean delivery is accompanied by the administration of an anaesthetic. This is given to the woman in her spine via an injection. The area of the spinal cord and the surrounding portion is extremely sensitive. As the injection punctures through the skin, the muscles, the ligaments, and the nerves, when the anaesthetic wears off, all of these begin to hurt.

Yet another reason stems from the after-effects of the injecting the anaesthetic. The cerebrospinal fluid process to leak in a little amount after the injection has been given. This causes an immense headache and pain in the neck, especially if the mother sits or stands. When she lies down, the pain seems to reduce.

When does Back Pain Start after C-Section Delivery?

A woman suffering from back pain

For a caesarean delivery, the back pain after C section spinal anaesthetic is given begins to make its presence felt the moment the anaesthesia’s effects start to wear off. This happens usually in a matter of around 3-6 hours when the portion where the anaesthesia was injected begins to hurt. A headache and neck pain that is a result of leakage of cerebrospinal fluid usually begin as early as 12 hours after the delivery or even 3-4 days since the baby’s birth.

How Long does Backache after C-Section Persist?

As with most medical procedures done correctly, the pains that are caused due to the spinal anaesthetic do fade away after a couple of days or up to a week. In some few unfortunate cases, the pain tends to stay for multiple weeks, even ranging up to a month. The primary reason for that is the injury that is caused in the nerves of the spinal region, due to the penetration of the injection. At times, the headache and neck pain can worse to unbearable amounts. In such cases, doctors usually resort to carrying out a blood patch. This is where some blood is taken from your own body, and reinjected in the area where the anaesthetic was given. That brings about a relief from the pain almost instantly.

Where does Post-Cesarean Back Pain Occur?

When it is decided that a woman needs to undergo a caesarean delivery for the child, the anaesthetic is prepped for injection. This is usually given using a spinal needle, which is placed in the lower region of the back, mostly around the area where the first vertebral bone of the lumbar region is located. This is also why the back pain that is felt after the anaesthesia wears off is quite intense. The headaches and neck pain due to fluid leakage is felt to spasm from the head down to the neck.

How to Deal with Back Pain Post C-Section?

As the back pain starts getting discomforting quite soon and the headaches and neck pain worsens, combined with the newfound challenges of nursing the child and helping your body recover, every woman who suffers from this wants to know how to reduce back pain after C section naturally, since taking medication might not be an option.

1. A Hot Bath

The adage is probably true. There is nothing in this world that cannot be fixed with a nice hot water bath. It works wonder in bringing great relief from back pain, especially of this kind. Adding a few salts to the bath water and letting them dissolve is a great idea, too. These impact the soreness of the back and make you feel re-energized pretty easily.

2. Simple Exercises

The pain is also aggravated due to the massive physical changes your body undergoes before and after delivery. A few exercises can help your body get stronger again and be able to deal with weaknesses better. Pilates is highly recommended in this regard since they work directly on the muscles of the abdomen. Do get your doctor’s go-ahead before you begin to do so, since certain exercises might cause your stitches to rupture, leading to further complications. Simple yoga exercises or breathing exercises can help instil calm within your body as well.

3. Sleeping The Right Way

Your back could do with support of the right kind to help it recover from the pain as well as the delivery. Make sure it is plain levelled and not too soft. Certain mattresses have special foam inside them or are even air inflated, helping them suit your body’s shape. Talk to your doctor or physician to know which mattress will bring the most relief and be suitable for your health as well.

4. Hot and Cold

Alternating cold presses with the application of warm treatment helps in relaxing the muscles and boosting circulation in the area of pain. Make use of a simple heating pad and a pack of ice to help you with it.

Back problems after C-section can get quite annoying at times, diverting you from taking care of the child and focusing on the nursing. Making use of natural remedies and opting for blood patches if they get too severe, can help bring quick relief and get you started on your journey of being a mother.

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