Baby monitor: A boon or a bane

Baby Monitors: For Keeping a Check on your Newborn Baby

Keeping a check on your newborn baby while you are away becomes easy with the use of a baby monitor. It sends out signals or alerts you when your baby is in trouble or is suffering from any health problems.

It may become difficult to pay attention to your baby’s activities every minute of the day. Even a little negligence can risk your baby’s life. Baby monitors offer a solution to this problem by allowing you to keep a check on your little one when you are not around.
At times, when you are physically absent from the room and want to check if your baby is sleeping well or not, a baby monitor can come to your rescue. A baby monitor will not only help you in monitoring your baby but it also sends out an alarm as soon as your newborn wakes up or starts crying. Most baby monitors are portable and can be shifted from room to room along with your baby. There are different types of monitors depending on your specific need:

Types of Baby Monitors

  • Some baby monitors allow you to listen to the sounds coming from your baby’s room.
  • Some function the other way around and let your baby hear your voice from another room in your house.
  • There are some high-end baby monitors that have a video facility too, which allow you to see your newborn’s activities on a screen. In case your baby shows signs of breathing problems, these monitors will send out an alarm.
  • There are some monitors available in the market with some add-on features like music and colored lights to entertain your baby.
  • Some monitors come equipped with a remote control operation and temperature readings.

Advantages of Baby Monitors

  • Baby monitors are a boon for parents who do not live in a joint family, and do not have anyone to keep a check on their newborn baby when they are not in the same room as the baby.
  • If your baby suffers from breathing problems, asthma or sleep apnea and needs to be monitored and taken care of consistently, baby monitors can be of great help for parents. Such monitoring devices alert you when there is a huge gap in the breathing pattern of your baby, especially in lethal situations like SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Disadvantages of Baby Monitors

  • The flip side to buying monitoring devices is that many of them are over-sensitive. Because of their inbuilt features, they might pick up every single movement or sound in your baby’s room and send out a false alarm, waking up everyone in the house.
  • You might also complain about disrupting and interrupted sleep, since having a baby monitor means you will end up responding to every little sound and movement to check if your baby is alright.

Keeping in mind yours as well as your baby’s needs will help you choose the right baby monitor for your child. A device or monitor at your home can only be a supportive feature to a specific need, and cannot be a substitute for you.

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