Disney Themed Baby Shower: Invitation, Decoration & Food Ideas

Awesome Disney Themed Baby Shower Ideas

There are very few things in life as exciting as the arrival of your little one, and it is an occasion worth celebrating. Add some Disney magic to this celebration, and you will have an occasion everybody would remember all their lives! Here are a few amazing Disney-inspired themes and ideas you could consider for welcoming your baby!

Ideas to Celebrate a Disney Baby Shower

Finding the right Disney baby shower theme may seem tough, but once you choose one, you can never go wrong with it. Go for your favourite Disney movie or character, and keep the colour scheme, décor, and food ideas consistent to throw a stunning shower.

Disney Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Invitations are one of the first things you must get done when planning your baby shower, and it is one of the easiest. The primary thing to bear in mind is that invitations should completely focus on the theme of your baby shower. Here are a few popular Disney-themed invitation ideas that can come handy:

  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse Invitation: Featuring baby versions of Mickey and Minnie Mouse at the top and the relevant information about your baby shower at the bottom, this is one of the most adorable Disney-themed baby shower invitation ideas.
  • Princess Jasmine Baby Shower Invitation: If you are going for the Aladdin theme, then the Princess Jasmine invitation would be perfect. Add sparkly paper and glitter to let the invitation dazzle and shine.
  • Moana Baby Shower Invitation: This invitation could feature a picture of baby Moana, and you could decorate it with pictures of tropical leaves and flowers.
  • The Classic Disney Universe Invitation: By including all the princesses in the Disney universe, you could create a fun invitation for your baby shower. This Disney-themed baby shower invitation would definitely help your guests figure out what baby shower theme you went for.

Disney Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Here are a few wonderful decoration ideas you can consider. Two and three, below, are extremely popular Disney-themed baby shower for girls.

1. Peter Pan Theme

Bring the Neverland Magic into your home with a beautiful Peter Pan Theme. It is perfect for celebrating childhood. For this theme, instead of randomly filling the space with characters from the movie, you could focus on golden stars and moonlit skies that are present throughout the film.

2. The Little Mermaid Theme

Take your guests to a magical world that lies beneath the sea with the beautiful Little Mermaid Theme. The theme will fascinate not just the young guests at your shower but the adults, too. For the party, you could focus on light purple and light blue themes with golden and white décor.

3. Snow White Theme

If Disney princesses are your theme, then you could go for the Snow White theme in white and blue. This theme is one of the best for a fabulous Disney baby shower centrepiece, which can feature a medium-sized vintage mirror on which you could write the famous quote “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”. Some red apples or baskets of red apples can help you add a clever detail to this theme.

4. Minnie Mouse or Micky Mouse Floral Theme

This is a classy Disney baby shower theme to surprise everyone. For the Mini Mouse centrepiece, take a small flower pot and paint it pink. Place pink roses in the pot and at the top of the centrepiece, add a cute pink ribbon and pink Minnie Mouse ears. Embellish the pot with a string of pearls if you are looking for an elegant addition for the Minu Mouse theme. If you want the Micky Mouse theme, use blue, red, and black artificial flowers to make beautiful arrangements.

5. Toy Story Theme

If you are going for the Toy Story theme, then you could add a backdrop that resembles the wallpaper of Andy’s room and decorate your space with all the toys from the movie. This is a popular Disney boy baby shower theme.

Disney Baby Shower Food/Drink Ideas

What’s a party without food and drinks? So, give careful thought to decide the menu. For a Disney-themed baby shower, you could consider the following food ideas:

  • For the Main Course: If you have scheduled a baby shower during the meal hours, then the main course is mandatory. A Mickey-shaped cookie cutter is one of the first things you will need for the main course. It can help you cut Mickey-shaped bread and assorted deli cheeses/meats. Even arranging the plates and the serving bowls into the shape of Mickey’s head would add to the theme and do the trick!
  • For the Desserts: There are so many delicious Disney-themed dessert options out there, and you can choose one that relates the most to your theme! A few popular ones include Vintage Disney cookies, Dumbo cookies, Aladdin cookies, Peter Pan Cake Pops, Minnie Mouse Bottle cookies, Disney Character Cupcakes, and Mickey Mouse Cupcakes.
  • For the Drinks: The drinks can be based on the colour of the theme. For example, if your theme is pink, then you could go for the Pink Pineapple Punch, and if it is a blue Disney boy baby shower, go for the Blue Piña Colada Punch.

Disney Baby Shower Cake Ideas

A baby shower would not be complete without a sweet and adorable baby shower cake! You will find so many Disney-themed baby shower cakes online featuring the Princesses, characters from Toy Story, Mickey and Minnie, and many more! A few such awesome ideas include:

  • Bambi Cake: The Bambi Cake would be an absolutely stunning addition to your Disney-themed Baby Shower. The cake features a small figure of Bambi on the top with woodsy decorations at the sides.
  • Winnie The Pooh Cake: Embellished with adorable Winnie the Pooh characters, this is another delicious option for your baby shower. Add an adorable quote, for example, “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart”, and you have the perfect cake to welcome your little one!
  • Mickey Mouse Cake: This is a popular Disney baby shower cake that most parents would love. You can make the base of the cake blue or pink, add a few white clouds and decorate the cake with letters written in the classic Disney Script. Place Mickey mouse ears on the top and outline it with sprinkles to complete the cake.
  • Monsters, Inc. Cake: This is a fun and unique cake option for your baby shower. Featuring Mike Wazowski at the top with the cake decorated with purple polka dots resembling Sulley’s fur, this is the perfect cake for a crazy fun baby shower!

Disney Baby Shower Games and Activities

Games are the perfect entertainment option for your baby shower and are something everybody would enjoy. Here are a few popular Disney-themed baby shower games:

1. Disney Price Is Right

Gather a few Disney-themed baby products and set them properly on a table. Have your guests guess the price of each item. The one who is closest to the actual price wins!

2. Write a Diaper Message

Give each of your guests a marker and a diaper, and let them write encouraging and funny messages for the future parents!

3. Who Said It?

Collect some of your favourite Disney quotes and let your guests figure out which character said it. The one with the most correct answers wins!

4. Guess the Baby Picture

Print out pictures of various Disney characters as babies or kids and let your guests figure out who it is.

5. Count the Candies

Set out Minnie and Mickey bottles at every table containing various amounts of small candies. Let each guest guess the number of candies and there would be one winner on each table!

Disney Baby Shower Favours

Party favours are an important part of any baby shower since they help you thank your guests for spending time to celebrate the arrival of your baby. Party favours can be anything, from little souvenirs, goodie bags or candies, but the trick here is to find something that matches your themes. For a Disney themed baby shower, you could go for:

  • Monsters, Inc. Flower Pots: This is a wonderful and very useful party favour your guests would love. Each pot could represent a different monster from the movie, which you can make by either painting or pasting the designs.
  • Candy in Bottles: Fill red candy in little feeding bottles. Take a white card and punch a hole in it. Run a red ribbon through the punched hole and tie it around the bottle. The card can be a thank you note written in the classic Disney font along with the shape of the head of Mickey Mouse.
  • Rice Krispies Treats: You could give your guests Mickey-shaped Rice Krispies treats on a stick. Dip the ears in chocolate and add sprinkles to make it more appealing and delicious.
  • Cookie Cutters: based on the Disney theme, you can give your guests cookie cutters, too. For examples, if you are throwing a 101 Dalmatians-themed baby shower, you could give a dog-shaped cookie cutter, or if the baby shower is Frozen-themed, you can go for the snowflake cookie cutter.

Disney themes are perfect for celebrating the arrival of a new life. With these wonderful baby shower ideas, you can transform your party into a magical space – one your guests will never forget!

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