10 Funny Short Stories for Kids

10 Funny Short Stories for Kids

Kids love stories. Stories, in fact, are more than just a fun activity. They play a pivotal role in the overall growth and development of the child, particularly in the cognitive areas. Some of our best childhood days were when our mothers or grandmothers used to tell us a really good story right before bedtime or during meal time. Do the same for your child. Create memories, make precious moments that your child will look back on and remember with warmth.

So, why not take a break from screen time and switch to some good old storytelling? These 10 short funny stories for kids are guaranteed to bring a smile on your child’s face and will keep them entertained for hours. They are the perfect combination of humor and creativity, making them both entertaining and educational. These stories will not only help with the child’s imagination and language development, but they will also encourage a love for reading. So, gather the little ones around, grab some snacks and let’s dive into the world of short funny stories for kids!

Short Humorous Stories for Children

Are you looking for a way to bond with your little ones and tickle their funny bone? Look no further! These 10 short funny stories for kids are perfect for bedtime reading or just a fun break from the daily routine. These short humorous stories for children are sure to bring laughter and joy to the entire family. So, get ready to hear some silly jokes, wacky characters, and unexpected twists that will leave your child in stitches!

Here are some of the best of short funny children’s bedtime stories:-

1. The Hare and the Tortoise

Once upon a time, there was a hare and a tortoise. They lived in a huge jungle, with other animals like tigers, elephants, deer, and crocodiles. The hare was very fast on his feet. He took part in many races, and always came first, no matter who the opponent was. Over time, his constant victory turned him into a very proud hare. He began to put in lesser effort in the races he took part in because he was winning them all anyway. Now, in the same forest, was a wise tortoise. Unlike the hare, the tortoise was extremely slow. In fact, he was one of the slowest animals in the jungle. He kept observing the hare, and he saw that the hare’s success was getting to his head. So he decided to teach the hare a lesson. He called all the animals of the jungle, including the hare, and openly challenged the hare to the race. When the animals heard this, they all began to laugh. Animals that were faster than the tortoise had lost to the hare. How was the tortoise, which was the slowest animal in the jungle, going to defeat the hare? But they all were curious, and the hare loved a challenge. So he accepted it.

The next day, the hare and the tortoise were all set to begin the race.“On your mark, get ready, and GO!” The monkey of the jungle said, waving a white flag.

Hare and Tortoise are Ready to Race

The hare took off immediately. The hare kept running and had already covered a distance, but the tortoise was still barely across the starting line. After a while, the hare stopped running and thought to himself. The tortoise was going to take forever to reach the end of the race. It was obvious that the tortoise was going to lose. So the hare decided to take a short nap.

Hare Taking a Nap

He found a shady, comfortable spot and fell asleep. Meanwhile, the tortoise never gave up. He kept running. By the end of the day, to everyone’s surprise, the tortoise was the winner!

Tortoise Winning the Race

The hare, because of his pride and overconfidence, had lost the race. The moral of this story is, slow and steady wins the race.

2. The Lion and the Rabbit

Once upon a time, there was a proud, evil lion. He said he was the king of the jungle. Every day, he would mercilessly go hunting and kill many animals for his food. Soon, all the animals were worried. They held a meeting and decided that if the lion continues to do this, then no animal will survive. So, they approached the lion and told him a proposal. Each day, they said, they would send one animal to the lion’s den. This way, the rest of the animals for that day will be at peace, and the lion would not need to go hunting. The lion liked the plan. So from the next day, the lion would wait in his den while the others sent an animal for his meal. This happened for many days. Finally, it was the turn of a very old but wise rabbit. He was forced to be the meal of the day for the lion. He decided to put an end to this. So, he took a longer route and made sure he got to the lion’s den very late.

Lion Angry at Rabbit

The hungry lion who was angry roared at the rabbit and asked him why he was late. The rabbit then told him that he was late because another stronger lion was chasing him. He told the lion that the stronger lion claimed to be the king of the jungle. When the lion heard this, he was furious. He asked the rabbit to show him where the other lion was. The rabbit took the lion to a well. He pointed inside and told the lion that the other lion was inside.

Lion Looking into Well

When the lion looked in, he saw his own reflection but thought it was another lion. He roared in anger, and the reflection did the same. Brimming with anger, the lion jumped into the well to fight with the other lion but ended up falling to his death because of his stupidity. The moral of this story is that sometimes, intelligence is more important than physical strength.

3. The Thirsty Crow

Once there was a crow. It was a hot day, and the crow was extremely thirsty. He kept flying around, looking for some water. After a very long time, he finally found a jar of water. With great happiness, he flew to the jar to drink the water. But when he tried to put his head into the jar, he realised it was too narrow. He tried to tilt the put, but it was too heavy. Sad and frustrated, he kept thinking. Finally, he saw pebbles on the ground. He had an idea.

Crow with Pebble in Beak

One by one, he put the pebbles into the jar. The water level slowly rose, and the crow could drink the water.

4. The Boy who Cried Wolf

Once upon a time, there was a very naughty shepherd boy. He would take his sheep for grazing, then climb up a tree, and shout for help, claiming that a wolf was attacking his sheep.

Boy Crying Wolf

Every time this happened, the farmers and other men would come to rescue him and his flock. But once they saw he was lying, they would leave angrily. Then, the boy would laugh. This went on for a long time, but one day, a wolf really came and attacked his sheep. But this time nobody heard him or offered to help him because they did not believe him anymore.

5. The Crocodile and the Monkey

Once there was a monkey. He lived on a berry tree. One day, a crocodile came near the banks of the river where the tree was located. The monkey felt bad for the tired and hungry crocodile and gave him some berries. Soon, they became good friends. Every day the monkey would give the crocodile berries. One day it so happened that the monkey gave him some extra berries to take home for his wife. When the crocodile took the berries to his wife, she loved it. But she was a very mean crocodile. She told her husband that she wanted the monkey’s heart which will be much sweeter than the berries. So the next day the crocodile went to the monkey and said his wife had invited him home for dinner. Happily, the monkey agreed.

Monkey on Crocodile's Back

But when they got to the middle of the river, the foolish crocodile told him the truth, that his wife wants to heat the monkey’s heart for dinner. The monkey was smart, so he quickly told him that he had left his heart in the berry tree, so he had to go get it. Happily, the crocodile agreed. But when they got to the banks, the monkey jumped to the highest branch and saved himself. He then told the crocodile that he would never trust him again. The foolish crocodile was sad, and he had to go home to his evil wife without the monkey’s heart.

6. Hansel and Gretel

Once there were two siblings. The boy was named Hansel, and the girl was Gretel. Their mother died, but they lived with their father. Even though they were poor, they were very happy. But one day the father married again. His new wife was a very evil woman. She told her husband that they should leave the kids in the forest because they can’t afford to feed them. The father refused at first but eventually agreed. So the next night, the parents took Hansel and Gretel to the forest. However, Hansel knew of their plan because he had heard them. So, he had collected white pebbles that he threw along the way. The evil stepmom after walking for a distance left the kids in the forest and got home with the father. But Hansel and Gretel found their way back home following the white pebbles trail. The next day, the evil stepmom decided to do this again. But she didn’t let Hansel collect any pebbles. Since they had no time, they couldn’t find their way back, and they were truly lost. Hansel and Gretel kept walking, but they were tired and hungry. Suddenly, they saw a beautiful gingerbread house.

Hansel and Gretel Find the Gingerbread House

Excited and happy they started eating it. Then, an old lady came to them saying that she would take care of them. Hansel and Gretel were happy, but they didn’t know that she was a witch. She put Hansel in a cage and started making him fat, so she could eat him. And she made Gretel do all her household chores. One day, she decided it was time to eat Hansel. She asked Gretel to make the fire hot. Gretel had to think fast. She thought of a brilliant plan to save her brother. When the fire was hot, she called the witch and asked her to check. But when the witch was doing that, she pushed the witch into the fire. This way she saved her brother. They two siblings escaped and lived happily ever after.

7. Two Cats and the Monkey

One day two cats found a piece of bread. But they kept fighting for it. The first cat said it was his, but the second cat refused and claimed it to be his. A clever monkey that was walking their way decided to help them. He took the bread and told them that he would split it in half and share it equally with them. The cats agreed. But when he did this, one piece was bigger than the other. So he took a bite to make it equal. But this time, the other piece was bigger. This went on for a while. He kept taking a bite off from each bread to make sure it was the same size. However, in the end, he ate up the whole bread. The angry cats asked him why he did that, and the clever monkey replied saying that if they had dealt with the problem on their own, this wouldn’t have happened, but since they were stupid and could not do that, they both lost what they could have. The happy monkey went home while the two cats remained hungry.

8. The Ant and the Grasshopper

Once upon a time, there was an ant who worked hard all summer, storing food for the winter. A grasshopper came along, enjoying the warm sun and singing. The ant asked the grasshopper why he wasn’t storing food for the winter, but the grasshopper just laughed and said, “Why worry about winter? We have plenty of food right now.”

The winter came, and the grasshopper found himself cold and hungry. He went to the ant for food, but the ant told him, “I worked hard all summer, storing food for the winter. You should have done the same.” The grasshopper realized that his carelessness had led to his suffering, and the ant’s hard work and preparation had saved him from the same fate. The moral of the story is “A stitch in time saves nine.”

9.The Greedy Little Bird

Once upon a time, there lived a little bird in the forest named Tweetie. Tweetie loved to eat and was never satisfied with what he had. He would always ask the other birds for more food.

One day, the other birds had had enough of Tweetie’s greediness and decided to teach him a lesson. They decided to put a big pile of food in front of Tweetie and tell him to eat as much as he wanted.

So, they placed the food in front of Tweetie and he started eating like there was no tomorrow. He ate and ate until he finally burst! The other birds chuckled and told Tweetie, “See, you can never be too greedy!”

The moral of the story is that being greedy can lead to unpleasant consequences and it is always better to be satisfied with what we have With great memorable names and a simple story, this makes for a great short funny story for child and adults alike.

10. The Lazy Cat

Once upon a time, there was a lazy cat named Naptime who loved to sleep all day long. Naptime never wanted to do any work and would always find ways to avoid it.

One day, Naptime’s owner asked him to help bring in the firewood. Naptime didn’t want to do it, but he was too afraid to say no. So, he went outside to do the task but found it too tiring and decided to take a nap instead.

As he was napping, a group of mice came along and started carrying the firewood into the house. Naptime woke up and was shocked to see the mice doing all the work.

He realised that being lazy can lead to missing out on opportunities and that it is important to be helpful and work together with others.

The moral of the story is that laziness can prevent us from achieving our goals and that it is important to be productive and help others. It makes for an ideal choice among short funny children’s bedtime stories

Stories are a timeless tradition and have been passed down from generation to generation. Not only are they a source of entertainment for children, but they also enhance their imagination and creativity. Furthermore, they can also improve their vocabulary and teach valuable life lessons through their moral. So next time you’re tucking your little one into bed, consider sharing a short, funny story with them. Not only will they enjoy the humour, but they will also be learning important values and life lessons. So let’s embrace the power of storytelling and make it a fun and engaging part of our child’s bedtime routine with these short, funny stories for kids!

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