Fun Activities & Games to Improve Listening Skills for Kids

7 Games That Teach Preschoolers to Follow Instructions

Preschoolers are quite new to directions and life skills. However, it’s important for parents and teachers to help them understand and learn how to follow instructions. One can use innovative ways and creative games to improve listening skills for children.

Children are inherently curious and look to a parent for direction. The ability to listen and follow instructions helps in their learning and growth. There are many games that parents and teachers can organise to assist with this. They’re based on age, skill level, listening comprehension and reading skills.

Games that Teach Following Directions for Preschoolers

1. Simon Says

‘Simons says’ is a fun game to play with a group of children. It teaches listening skills and encourages learning directions for kids. Keep the instructions very simple at first and gradually make them more challenging. Use your creativity to say out loud what Simon says!

2. Follow Your Superhero

Another interesting activity for following directions for kids is to involve their favourite superhero. If your child likes a superhero or any other character, use it to motivate him to follow directions. You or your husband can dress up like the character and perform actions that your preschooler can follow. Praise and cheer him every time he succeeds.

3. I Spy

Next on the list of following directions games for kids is an old favourite called ‘I spy’. It motivates children to listen, pay attention and look for the spied object that you mention.

4. Games with Purpose

Children like being entrusted with small chores and this can be made fun by turning it into a mini competition. If you have older children, get them involved. You can also invite your preschooler’s friends over. Ask them to perform ordinary tasks like putting away toys and clothes, brushing their teeth, and helping in the kitchen. Give out prizes to the ones who do it fast and get it right. Don’t forget to praise your child when he follows directions, even if he doesn’t win.

5. Games that Teach Listening Skills

To hone your child’s listening skills, have him close his eyes and listen to different sounds carefully. You can use existing ambient sounds or make some yourself. Let him guess what the sounds are. Prompt him by giving clues.

6. I Will Bring…to a Picnic

Another interesting game you can teach your preschooler is ‘I will bring ….to a picnic’. The list of things grows longer and longer and children have to keep track of what items are being brought to the picnic.

7. Chinese Train Game

This game can keep kids focused till the very end. They’re required to stand in a line to form a train. You begin the game by saying out a word. The first child adds a word and says it aloud. The second child adds another word to the two words and so on.

There are many other instructions games for kids. They help with learning new skills and teaching kids how to follow instructions. Children are usually eager to please, so they tend to learn fast. If the activities are fun, they stay even more motivated.

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