Awesome Ways Children are Smarter Than You Think

5 Reasons Preschoolers are Smarter Than You Know

There are a number of ways children are smarter than you think. They can turn on the waterworks when they want something they can’t have. Your little one could even get her way by making a strong case as to why she “deserves” a toy or an ice-cream.

Your child has probably thought of ingenious ways to sleep in your bed at night. There are a number of preschool tricks that she may pull out of the hat in time. If you thought you could get the better of your child, think again!

Surprising Ways That Prove Your Kids Are Smart

1. Sharing when Necessary

Preschoolers like it when things are handed to them. Your child might seem selfish because she may grasp for everything in her sight. In most cases, after collecting the things she likes, you will notice how she shares them with her playmates. At this age, your child understands that giving is better than receiving.

2. On Best Behaviour

Preschoolers tend to copy the actions of others. Your child may copy your actions and then mimic them when she feels the need to. When your child is in the midst of other boisterous children, she knows she can get away with naughty behaviour. But she also knows when to turn on the charm and be good. This is usually the case when she is surrounded by timid or quiet babies. This prevents her from getting a scolding.

3. Natural Linguists

Your child is a natural linguist. It’s at an early age that children understand different languages they are exposed to when visitors come knocking. In fact, prolonged exposure to a language could ensure that she picks up a few words along the way.

4. Emotionally Strong

Kids can be very emotionally connected. Your child is attuned to the emotions of people(and pets) around her. Therefore, she knows when to remedy a situation and when to hold back. If you are feeling down, your child will find ways to cheer you up. If you are in a forgiving mood, she will try and get away with messing her room. This is one among the many ways children are smarter than you think.

5. Punishment and Reward

Your child knows when she will be rewarded or reprimanded. She will be on her best behaviour when she wants something. If she knows she will be scolded for bad behaviour, she will put on an innocent face. Most parents tend to fall for the charade. So, do you now believe that your preschooler is smarter than you?

While growing up, children find smart ways to get their own way in the house and at school. However, you need to lay down the law every once in a while. Giving into her demands and tantrums could spoil her. Yes, your child deserves pampering once in a while. But it should not cloud your judgement when it comes to reprimanding her for wrongdoings.

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