Babies Sleeping in a New Environment

4 Tips to Make Sleeping Away from Home Easier for Babies

Getting your baby or toddler to sleep away from home can be pretty tough for the parents. An unfamiliar environment can put the baby in a bad mood and make it all the way tougher for the parents.

Sooner or later, there could be a situation where a baby will have to sleep away from home or parents. It maybe because of the duties of the parents at work, illness of any of the parents or family member or a simple family vacation out of the town. Tossing out old ways and finding contemporary tips to make the baby comfortable away from home can ease the tension and stress for the parents. Sleeping away from home or parents is not all that bad. In fact, the transition can develop flexibility in the baby’s life and help the baby explore new people and surroundings.

Sleep Challenges in Babies and Toddlers

  • Maintaining a toddler’s sleep routine can be very tough and stressful. On the other hand, it is not that challenging in case of little babies as they are not able to identify that their sleeping location has been changed.
  • But, if the same kind of environment is not provided to the babies, they may get cranky. For example if a baby is adapted to sleeping in an air-conditioned room every day, he will face problems in sleeping in a room without an air-conditioner.
  • Toddlers, on the other hand, are more responsive and sensitive to any change in their location, environment or people.

Sleep Challenges in Preschoolers

At this age, a child starts to understand things. Giving him a picture of what he should expect when there is change likely to happen can make him feel secured. Letting the child know where he is going, for how long he will be in that particular place and who will be with him, can clear the confusion in his head and prepare him for the same.Sleep Challenges in Preschoolers

Tips to Make Sleeping Away from Home Easier

1. Maintain The Child’s Sleep Routine

This tip works wonders as adhering to the same bedtime routine can help the baby settle much more easily away from home. It is also essential to describe the sleeping habits to other guardians, so that they can take care of the child’s needs and wants.

2. Make The New Place Familiar

Making the new place, a little similar to the surroundings of his domain will make the baby feel a little closer to his home and he may accept the change.

3. Practice before The Time Comes

Parents preferably should not wait until the toddler-hood to make changes in their baby’s lifestyle. The baby should be accustomed and adapted to a few changes from a very early age so that he faces little problem each time he has to sleep away from home.

4. Bring The Home with You

When traveling, carrying familiar things like your baby’s blankets, toys and books, will make it easier for the baby to adjust when far away from home.

So keep these simple tips in mind to avoid any stress related to making your baby sleep away from home.

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