15 Best Children’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

Children's Day Gift Ideas for Kids

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Children’s Day is celebrated on November 14 every year as it is the birth anniversary of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of independent India. He was fondly called “Chacha Nehru” by kids. After his death in 1964, his birthday was decided to be celebrated as Children’s Day. Every school celebrates Children’s day but this time you can surprise your kids, too. Kids love receiving gifts and a small gift can make them happy. But we know shopping for kids is always hard, and when you want to gift them something other than a toy, then double the thinking. So here are a few great ideas for gifts that you can buy.

Children’s Day Gifts That Parents Can Give to Their Kids

Some of the gifts that can be given include:

1. Piggy Bank

Gifting a piggy bank to your kid is a great idea, not only will it serve as a traditional gift but will also teach your kids how to save and use the money. You can show your kid how to put money inside the bank, accumulate it, and use it for his own benefit in the future. This will be a valuable gift for your child for Children’s Day.

A piggy bank

2. Books

Gifting a fun picture book or a light storybook is also a great Children’s Day gift for preschoolers. Choose books with attractive pictures, fun characters, and a simple story. It can be a moral value story which your child can learn from. You can read the story to your child before bedtime the same day in fact! A good book can give your kid happiness for a long time.

3. Box of Chocolates

Are you planning to gift milk chocolates to your kids on Children’s Day? Go ahead and buy it for them. If you are worried about the sugar, make sure to buy a smaller box tied with a pretty, colourful ribbon. Let your child indulge in sweets on this one day; you have the other days of the year to make sure he eats healthy!

A box of chocolates

4. A Digital Cartoon Wrist Watch

This is a great gift for your kid if you are teaching him how to read the clock. He will feel proud with this Children’s Day gift as it can make him feel like a true ‘adult’ who can read time. Choose a watch which is made of a material which is not easily breakable and has your child’s favourite cartoon character on it. You can order it online, too.

5. Princess Dolls

Every girl wants to be a princess. Well, at least to a certain age. Why not get your daughter a pretty princess doll for Children’s Day? It can be Elsa from Frozen or Cinderella or Rapunzel from Tangled. Princess dolls are guaranteed to make little girls shriek with joy.

Princess dolls

6. Video Games

Kids these days are quite tech-savvy than we were at their age. Video games can make a great Children’s Day gift if your child likes playing games. But make sure to set a limit to stop them from spending too much time on video games. You also need to protect your little one’s eyes so set rules at the same time while gifting them the video game.

7. Potted Plant

This is a unique gift choice for your child, but worthwhile all the same. Find a cute potted plant and tie a bright ribbon around it. Add a card with an interesting fact about the plant. When you gift it to your child, take a few moments to explain how he should take care of it himself and give it water and sunshine as needed. Tell him the plant will be like his baby to look after. The responsibility assigned will make your child feel important and proud. And they will be ready to take responsibilities in the future as well.

A bamboo plant

8. Magazine Subscriptions

Get your child a magazine, book, or comic subscription this Children’s day. You can take opt for monthly or weekly subscription. Your child will surely have something to look forward to every month. And receiving a mail addressed solely to him will also make him feel proud.

9. A Recipe

Children enjoy cooking once in a while. If your child likes to cook and try out new recipes, you can give him a special and unique gift, i.e., a recipe which he can try on his own easily. It would serve as a great DIY gift for Children’s Day. Gift him a recipe for a cake or cookies, buy all the ingredients, and keep it ready. Then ask him to bake and assist him if he needs help.

A boy making cookies

10. Love Jars

This is an interesting gift among Children’s Day handmade gift ideas. Get a mason or a jam jar and tie a brightly coloured silk ribbon around it. You can also stick a nice photo of you and your child on the front. Fill the jar with notes of love and encouragement for your child, special memories you have shared with him, funny jokes, limericks, and so on. Tell your child that every morning, he can pick one of the notes to read for the day. The excitement will keep him happy all day!

11. Fancy Costumes

Children look up to comic characters. It can be Spiderman or Princess Moana or even Doremon. Why not gift them their favourite person’s costume on Children’s Day? You can easily order it online, and your child will be extremely excited to dress up in his dream costume.

A kid wearing spiderman costume

12. Voucher Book

This is a simple gift, but you can prepare a decorated voucher book for your child this Children’s Day. Each voucher can be for a different activity your child can redeem from you, like for “a movie night”, “a bear hug” or “a piggyback ride” or even a “dance along marathon”. Keep it quirky and fun by keeping your child’s interests in mind. He will be eager to try those vouchers soon.

13. Puzzles or Board Games

Children love to exercise their minds and think up strategies, so a puzzle or a board game will be a perfect Children’s Day gift. Try getting them Snakes and Ladders, Chess, Beginner’s Scrabble or a nice picture puzzle of their favourite character. You can even play these games with your child and have a great time together.

Board games for kids

14. A Black or Whiteboard

Kids love to draw or play ‘teacher-teacher’. Getting them a blackboard or a whiteboard for Children’s Day can be perfect for those activities. They don’t need to waste paper anymore for drawing, and it can also be a great teaching tool for you to use in the future.

15. A Bicycle

Although this is a slightly bigger gift, it is perfect to make your child get out of the four walls of the house and participate in outdoor activities. You can teach him to ride a bicycle and you can have fun together while doing it! Initially use support wheels, once your child is able to balance on the cycle, you can remove the wheels.

Children’s Day is a special day for kids, but it is important to remember that you have to treat your child like every day with him or she is special. Give simple gifts like this every once in a while. After all, you don’t need a particular day to celebrate the love for your children!

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