11 Unique Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

11 Unique Baby Shower (Godh Bharai) Decoration Ideas

The preparations to welcome your child start as soon as you learn that you are pregnant, and it can be a stressful affair. Every little thing about your surroundings need to be controlled, and this can be a stressful time for the mother. Add that to the many changes in hormone levels and physical features that take place, it is underwhelming to say that pregnancy is a testing, and stressful time.

However, the fact that your baby is arriving soon is something that deserves to be celebrated. Baby showers are the best way to do that and give the mother a chance to take a well-deserved break from all the preparations and arrangements. Here, let us take a look at a few ideas to make your Godh Bharai a huge success.

Innovative Decoration Ideas for Baby Shower

Some great baby shower party decoration ideas are listed below. While some of these are additions to the party, others are themes which can form the centrepiece ideas for the shower.

1. Diaper Cake

This is one of the funniest and best DIY baby shower decorations, and the mother is sure to love such functional gifts. Diapers are sure to be required in copious quantities after the child is born, so the mother is sure to love this thoughtful gift. You can even decorate the cake further using bows or chart paper with funny quotes or photographs.

2. Ultrasound Pictures

Ultrasound scan in a frame

Another one of the homemade baby shower decorations, a photo display is a traditional one in all functions. Since you do not have any pictures of the baby yet, why not make do with the ultrasound images you have of your child? Pin the images of the baby, even if they are vague and make a delightful photo display for guests to enjoy. The background can be a colourful chart paper, and the display can be further decorated with bows and colourful strings.

3. Mix and Match Colours

Pink and blue decor

Choosing a colour theme for the decorations can be hard, as most colours are either too masculine or girly. Since you do not know the gender of the child yet, it can be hard to choose one from the multitudes available- so why not choose a few colours that contrast well for a great mix? Combining colours together can not only make your baby shower look awesome, it is also a nod to the fact that you are ready to welcome your baby whether it is a he or a she.

4. Go Outdoors

Outdoor decorations

Traditionally, most baby showers have been planned indoors since it is easier to manage. Even though putting up banners and other decorations are easily done indoors, it will not quite have the charm of an outdoor baby shower. You can easily set up the party in a garden or your own backyard, and use the various elements like trees and bushes as part of the decorations. If you conduct it towards the evening, you can even incorporate flashing multi-coloured lights to add to the ambience of the party.

5. Guest Books

Baby shower

Another great idea for a baby shower, a guest book will add to the charm of the entire event. Encourage the visitors to write their thoughts and wishes towards the mother-to-be, and show it to her after the party is over. The expecting mother is sure to be overwhelmed and feel comforted as she understands the extent of the outpouring of love towards her.

6. Flower Theme

Floral decorations

There is a misconception that flowers are ‘girly’ decorations, but that depends only on the type of flowers you use. Flowers will be a part of the decoration in any theme, so why not make it the central theme of your party? Make sure to select a whole lot of variety in the flowers, like buttercups, tulips, sunflowers and carnations. Use these to decorate every surface in the area, including walls and tables too. Vases with flowers on the dining tables are a great addition, too. You can also place a wheelbarrow in the entrance for guests to put their gifts in, for extra cuteness.

7. The Ocean Theme

Ocean theme décor

An ocean theme is a good one to choose for a serene experience. Dominate the surfaces with shades of blue, like light blue, aquamarine, mint green and even pink. The cake can also be blue-coloured, with fish-shaped decorations. Stuffed toys of various sea-based organisms, like sharks and starfishes, are also a nice addition. To drive the theme home, the mother can dress up like a mermaid on the day.

8. Jungle Safari Theme

Jungle theme cake

Another gender-neutral idea, jungle safari themes are comparatively easy to put up too. Decorate the surfaces using leaf-shaped cutouts, and you can also put up trees made of cardboard in the corners of the room. Stuffed toys of various animals can also be put down on the couches and beds. On the plants, stuffed toys of monkeys and birds can be placed, while lions and giraffes can take their place behind the bushes. The colours of the overall theme can be yellow, brown and green.

9. Space Theme

If the mother is scientifically inclined, the Space theme is perfect for her baby shower. The colours to be used for that outer space feel are black, dark blue and a bit of yellow. You can make cutouts of spaceships and hang them on the wall for a cute look. A miniature replica of the solar system can be hung from the ceiling, using different sized balls for the planets. Add blinking lights on the ceiling to masquerade as stars, and your theme is complete.

10. Beach Theme

Beach theme cake

If the mother loves summer and beaches, this is the perfect theme for her. To add that beach vibe, use fabrics and decorations which are orange, yellow or peach in colour. Make sure to cover the entire walls and tables with such tones. You can also make seashell garlands to welcome every guest, and use jars full of rocks and seashells as curios to be placed on dining tables.

11. Christmas Theme

Christmas décor

Who does not like Christmas? This is the perfect theme and can be done at any time of the year if the mother loves the holidays. The colour tone of the decorations must be red and green, and the decorations should be candy canes, stars and colourful lights. If you can get a Christmas tree to decorate the living room, it would be a great addition. You can also give out Santa Caps for each guest to add to the festive vibe.

Baby shower decorations ideas for Indian mothers are many, and these are only some of the easier and most-loved ones. Ensure that the decorations and themes are spot on to the mother’s liking as she deserves a break from all the stress and activities associated with expecting the baby. If done right, the baby shower will be an event the woman will cherish for her lifetime.

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