Importance of travelling with kids

10 Things Kids Learn from Travelling

Fear of new places, need for familiarity, stubbornness in having their wishes fulfilled, are the characteristics we see in a lot of children around us. One of the reasons for this is, lack of exposure to the larger world around us, and the awareness that there is a larger reality than ours out there.

Travelling as a family – parents and children included – is one of the most enriching experiences that one can enjoy and make memories of. While it definitely opens up our perspective as individuals, for a child – it does much more.

10 Things That Children Pick From Travelling

1. Homework is not the biggest problem on the planet

It gives children a good view of lives of others, who lead a very different life from our own. Watching other children of their own age living in poverty, or how they spend their day in another part of the globe can be an eye-opener for our kids.

2. New places are not so bad

A lot of children, we meet today face severe anxiety when they reach a new place. The fear of the unknown and a need for familiarity have them scooting for cover every time they visit a new place. Over the time and with ample travel, children begin to explore the fun of new places and experiences. This will help them get over their anxiety.

3. Understanding people isn’t that difficult

Travel helps children to judge people well. Gauging strangers’ feelings and understanding what they are trying to convey by studying their body language or taking cues from their hand movements, help children deal with strangers as they grow up.

4. I too can be independent

Under the watchful eyes of their helicopter parents, most children lack this trait, nowadays. However, travel allows children to gain confidence in them, and become independent as their own survival skills are put to test in situations.

5. Plans don’t always work

The one thing that is confirmed about a vacation is some plans may not work. It is important that a child is exposed to the fact that not all plans work out. They get to experience first-hand, that, in spite of extensive planning undertaken, things have its own way of shaping out.

6. We should live each moment

Today, children get easily trapped in the rat race of fast paced life. Travel is one way of teaching our kids to savour each day – in a similar way as they live up each day of the vacation.

We should live each moment

7. The ‘destination’ is just the last part of the journey

Very often, we teach children to have their eyes on the goal, thus, effectively encouraging them to believe that the journey does not matter. This myth can be completely busted through travels that will exhibit the contrary to them.

8. Understanding different cultures helps us appreciate them

Travel teaches our children to understand and appreciate different ways of life and develop respect for all cultures. It will also show them how various thought processes and philosophies can co-exist peacefully on this planet.

9. Finding more about history is far from boring

Travelling to historical locations or even digging out the historical significance of any location can make a world of difference in your little one’s understanding of the context and subject. It also improves a child’s appreciation of study of history.

10. Practical skills are as important as classroom lessons

Finance management (figuring which memorabilia can be accommodated within the budget given), language skills (picking up local words on travel), travelling light (!!) are just some of the on-the-go skills that your child will definitely benefit from.

They say, travel makes us a better person. No reason we can’t start young with our little or not-so-little ones.

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