10 Best Ways to Wake up a Sleeping Baby for Feeding

10 Best Ways to Wake up a Sleeping Baby for Feeding

Parenting a newborn baby is challenging and difficult. There are times when we aren’t really sure what we must do. For example: waking up a sleeping baby because it’s meal time. Should you do it? Should you not? Well, if you are having your first baby, then you might have no idea what to do.

Why is it Essential to Wake Your Baby for Feeding?

Should I wake my baby to feed? Here are a few reasons for you!

1. Empty Stomach is Not Good

Your doctor might have told you that you need to feed your baby once every two-three hours. This is because infants can digest breast milk quite fast and within two-three hours they need more. By not giving your baby more milk, her stomach is going to remain empty.

2. Gaining Weight is Important

It is said that newborn babies can lose weight in the first few days after birth, based on the delivery method. Feeding your baby quite often is the best way to help your child grow and gain weight as required.

Baby on weighing scale

3. Boosts the Production of Breast Milk

Your body is producing milk based on how much is required. If you do not feed your baby frequently enough, your body will produce progressively less milk accordingly. Hence, it is important to feed your baby in regular intervals to make sure your body is producing enough milk.

4. Your Baby Will Not Wake Up Cranky

When your baby is in a really good sleep, her body can ignore the fact that it needs food. However, once she wakes up, she will wake up really upset because she is too hungry and even weak.

Ways to Wake a Sleeping Infant to Feed

Here are easy ways you can try to awaken your sleepy baby:

1. Undress Your Baby

One way to wake your little one is by slowly removing her clothes.

2. Reduce the Light

Babies can be sensitive to bright lights and so by keeping the lights dim, it is a lot easier for your little one to wake up.

3. A Mild Massage

You can slowly wake your baby up by slowly massaging her feet and arms.

4. Lift Your Baby

Try lifting your baby in an upright position as this can wake her up.

5. Sing A Song

Singing a song to your little one can wake her up slowly, and you might even save yourself from a lot of crying.

Mother singing to baby

6. Talk to Your Little One

Start talking to your baby when he is asleep, and you will see her slowly waking up to you.

7. Use A Cool Cloth

Placing a cool washcloth on your baby’s forehead can wake her up. Make sure that it is not too cold.

8. Keep His Body Straight

When you keep your baby’s body straight and extend her arms, you are sending signals to the brain.

9. Change Her Diaper

Slowly changing your baby’s diaper can awake your baby up because of the movement.

10. Increase Stimulation

You can rub his back, move her arms and legs in a circular motion or rub her lips gently with your fingertips.

Baby waking up

Why Are Babies too Sleepy to Feed?

You may be wondering why your baby does not just naturally wake up when she is hungry. Here are a few reasons babies sleep through their hunger too at times!

  • They are not aware of timings and patterns like we are. You might find that your child sleeps more during the day than night. It will take a while for infants to get used to such a pattern.
  • While feeding your baby, she might fall asleep in the process because she is really close to you and is quite comfortable in your arms.
  • Newborn babies sleep a lot also because they are used to sleeping most of the time when they were in your womb. It takes time for them to get used to a pattern.
  • Suckling is a process that can put your baby to sleep. So it is important to make sure that she doesn’t fall asleep half way through while you feed her.
  • Sleep is crucial to newborn growth and development. The research said that when babies sleep more, they grow better. This is a natural process, and hence you must not be worried if your little one is sleeping too much, even when he is being fed.

Newborn babies do not follow a pattern as we do. It takes time for them to get used to them. When it comes to feeding, it is important to follow a proper schedule and so following these steps can help you make sure that you are feeding your baby in the right way.

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