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Breast engorgement

Amandeepkaur Mom of 3 children 1 Year ago
jayda se jayda feed karwaye dono breast se and jo milk reh jata hai breast me usse press krke nikal de
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SAPNA KANGOTRA Mom of a 1 yr 7 m old boy 10 months ago
Breastfeeding more and more .
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Rashmita dandasena Guardian of a 2 yr 6 m old girl 6 months ago
if it's heavy try to give a massage and squeze out excessive milk
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juhi kataria Mom of a 2 yr 8 m old boy 1 month ago
hot water massage
Viaan choudhary Guardian of a 1 yr 5 m old boy 2 months ago
take hot water bath or u can take a hot water massage with the help of clothe
rinki sahu Mom of a 5 m old boy 2 months ago
use hot water cloth
MANTASHA NAQVI Mom of a 1 yr 5 m old girl 3 months ago
Use Breast pumps
HATBOI KIPGEN Mom of a 1 yr 4 m old boy 3 months ago
breast engorgement is really painful,using cabbage leave reduce the pain and milk production. and also cutting down sugar intake reduce milk production.
shweta Joshi Mom of 3 children 2 years ago
who knows better than me..I am a mom of two...and have hyperlactation .. during the first year of feeding I change my bra and t-shirt almost 4 to 5 times a day irrespective of using breast pads (cloth ones, reusable (mee Mee) and use and throw (luvlap))..
breast engorgement is something which has become routine for me...
now how I tackle it -
** I use ice packs first..then take a bath with lukewarm water...this helps the glands to loosen the milk ( you can see the milk flowing automatically 😜)....

** i would suggest to gentle massage ur breast (make sure not too hard) using coconut oil avoiding the nipples at least twice this also helps alot...

** also try feeding ur baby might be painful if it is engorged but that is how it is...

**I have used breast pump too but realized that the milk is more produced if u use it I have given up on this machine🙈

also one problem I face is a white spot on my nipples..which is basically a nipple blockage or milk it's like very painful when u are feeding the baby but it will only go when u bear that one or two feeds it will go away...

so pretty ladies take care and happy feeding🙂
SHANTI KUMARI Mom of a 8 m old boy 4 months ago
Hii , i also suffer this problem last 25 daya my gyno gave me Augmentin625mg and suggested hot water massage,express out milk. i am regularly doing this but donot reduce my swelling. Its find heavy n hard n having minor pain some time.What i do for it completly cured.



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