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Guardian of a 7 yr 1 m old boy8 hours ago
ReenaGuardian of a 6 yr 8 m old girl7 hours ago
A. I suggest you to use Mamaearth baby face wash....ots really good and effective.
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ExpertDr Vandan H KumarPaediatrician2 days ago
A. it is important to give diet according to the need of the child which should contain proper amount of calorie and protein and at the same time kindly give plenty of water to drink and seasonal fruits and vegetables. kindly include recipes made fromd cereals and pulsess complete the pending vaccinations and this will help in improving the immunity of the child. food should be home made and avoid any type of packet foods s follow the above points to increase immunity of the child and decrease the chances of the child getting ill.
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Pournali Chatterjee has added an answer
Pournali ChatterjeeMom of a 3 yr 3 m old girl4 hours ago
A. you should make yummy dishes with vegetables so that your son can eat and enjoy both. besides that you can give him nutriburst immunity gummies. these are 100% natural and no side effects. try this.
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ExpertDr Bandana JoshiAyurvedic Physician2 days ago
A. It helps in reducing hair fall but it is always better to look fir natural solutions and include good things in your diet like gave two overnight soaked figs nuts seeds protein rich foods gently massaging your scalp with coconut oil mixed with little castor oil
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ExpertDr Vandan H KumarPaediatrician2 hours ago
A. no need to worry about the frequency and colour of the stool if the consistency of the stoold is semi solid to solid. also there is no need to worry about the smell of the stool if the consistency is normal. you have to meet the doctor if it is watery inconsistency or hard dconsistency otherwise semi solid to solid stool is normal. also passing stool after taking food is normal.
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Mom of 2 children2 hours ago
Guardian of a 4 m old girl2 hours ago
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