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Mom of a 1 yr 5 m old boy8 hours ago
khushiMom of 2 children1 hour ago
A. this is right weight
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Guardian of a 4 m old boy26 mins ago
ExpertDr Vandan H KumarPaediatrician22 mins ago
A. it is important to keep the child hydrated. anti cold medicines are not given without medical consultation what you can give now is nasal saline drops which is salt water and can be given again aned again to decrease nasal blockage as well as cough and cold try to prevent temperature variations around the child and keep the child well covered. can give indirect steam inhalation . anti-cold medicines at this age have got side effects so can be rgiven only after medical consultation.
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Mom of 2 children14 mins ago
ExpertDr Sameer awadhiyaPaediatrician13 mins ago
A. In this here it is very difficult to comment properly until a proper examination or assesgsment is done to find out the exact cause so it is advisable to consult your doctor so that he could examine and evaluate properly and will guide you accordingly for this .g
Mom of a 4 yr 6 m old girl50 mins ago
ExpertDr Disha PatelAyurvedic Physician21 mins ago
A. most of the pulses do causes gases. if ur child is more gassy after consuming massor dal than u may reduce the quantity or add ajwain, jeeta, hing in it to cute gas
Rashmi has added an answer
Mom of 2 children6 hours ago
RashmiMom of a 8 yr 5 m old girl24 mins ago
A. It could b be little bit of disturbance in the hormones so in this case it is better to check with your gynaecologist she will help you with the right medication to go ahead with which will be good to balance regulating hormone
Mom of a 2 m old boy3 hours ago
ExpertDr Disha PatelAyurvedic Physician2 hours ago
A. usually by 6 to 8 week it's Decereases, if still you having heavy flow than it's preferable to visit your doctor, for further evaluation and exact treatment or management. ok
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Mom of a 3 yr 10 m old girl27 mins ago
1 hour ago
Mom of a 4 yr 5 m old boy1 hour ago
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