20 Week Old Baby: Development, Milestones & Care Tips

Your 20-Week-Old Baby – Development, Milestones & Care

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When in their 20th week, babies show ample signs of growth and development. You will also start noticing quite a few behavioural changes in your little munchkin, which will be fun to observe, no doubt, but prior awareness about the growth and development of your 20-week-old baby will help you manage certain things better. If your baby is 20 weeks old and you hardly know anything about his growth of development at this age, this article is for you. Here, we shall discuss the growth milestones and the developmental changes your little one will be going through.

Development of a 20-Week-Old Baby

There are many things you need to know when your little one has hit the 20-week mark. Your baby’s growth and development might surprise you if you are not well versed with it. At this time, several babies weigh between 5.6 and 6.5 kgs. If you are concerned about your child being underweight or overweight, you can visit a paediatrician who can help you figure out a suitable solution for your baby.

On this note, here is a quick guide to help you identify how to help your little baby develop during this phase of his life.

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Let’s take a look at the growth and developmental milestones of a 20-week-old baby.

Growth and Developmental Milestones of a 20-Week-Old Baby

A 20 week-old baby

Here are some of the major milestones that a 20-week-old baby will undergo:

  • Your baby can now pass toys around and pushing anything that he can access. This is a huge step in his life.
  • He shows behavioural changes that you never saw before. Your baby will like something today and completely forget about it tomorrow.
  • Eating habits will slowly start changing, and this will influence your little one’s growth and developments too.
  • Sometimes your baby will go through teething at this stage, and so it is important to watch out for the changes as well.
  • Your baby will start becoming fussy. He will be grumpy at times, and also crying and shout. But that’s ok; it’s absolutely normal at this time in life.
  • Your baby can now roll from his back to belly and back again very easily and will frequently do it.
  • He can now sit up and support himself with his hands.
  • He can now locate sounds, turn his head to check out where the sound is coming from.
  • He is attracted to movement and enjoys watching it.

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Your baby’s eating habits will change significantly this week. Solid foods will pique his interest. He might even grab some stuff from your plate while you are eating. The one thing you can do is introduce him to well-cooked food items that he can chew. However, you need to be concerned that your baby does not choke on the food.

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Your baby will now start turning and rolling slightly. You will notice how there are a few changes in his sleep schedule as well. One thing you need to do is make sure that you watch out for his movements when he is sleeping. Your baby could sleep in uncomfortable positions, and you may have to help him sleep properly. When babies suddenly change their sleep schedule, they might experience sleep regression. Although it is a common problem, parents might have trouble making them stick to a particular sleep schedule.

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Games and Activities

By week-20, your little wonder will become more active, and therefore, it is important to play games and carry out different activities that can help your baby’s development. During these days, you will be surprised to see how creative and playful your little one truly is. Some of the things you can give your little baby are paper, big blocks, and toys that aren’t too small. Make sure that your little one can hold these objects easily, but they shouldn’t be too small as they can swallow and choke on them. One thing you can do while your baby is playing is making sure you or someone elder is are always around him, either to play with him or to make sure he is away from dangerous situations.

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Tests and Vaccinations

It is highly recommended that you stay updated on your baby’s vaccinations. Also, ensure you get all his regular checkups and tests.  By week-20, most prescribed vaccinations are given to the baby. But, it is always better to check with a paediatrician if anything is pending. During the visit, you can also confirm if your baby is developing as expected. Therefore, it is a good idea to consult the paediatrician if you think your baby’s health has been taking a toll.

When to Consult a Paediatrician

When you have a little baby, there are chances of visiting the doctor quite a few times other than for regular checkups and vaccinations. Even if the baby is healthy, you cannot avoid the cuts and bruises that come by. All babies are prone to falling sick faster than adults as their bodies are still developing. Some of the things that you need to watch out for are allergic reactions. Your baby can be allergic to something none of your family members is allergic to. If you see any of these signs, you must take your baby to a paediatrician immediately.

Tips to Care for a 20-Week-Old Baby

When your baby hits this phase in his life, there are so many things to watch out for. Here’s how you can care for your 20-week-old baby.

  • Your little one will start interacting with other people and babies. He may explore his surroundings, even in a public place. You need to ensure your baby is always around you so that you can keep an eye on him, whether outdoors or indoors.
  • Your little one would start making his own choices. You have to keep your cool and learn to be patient with him through this phase. Your baby’s appetite will increase.
  • Ensure you exclusively breastfeed your child for the first six months. Start top feeds only if recommended by a paediatrician.

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When your baby is 20 weeks old, there are quite a few new developments you will notice. It is the time when your child is slowly developing and adapting to patterns and routines around you. It was 20 weeks ago you brought this little bundle of joy in the world, and now you are watching him laugh, play, cry and even make you angry. This week is a huge milestone for you and your baby. Ensure you protect and safeguard your child, but at the same time give him a little space to play and have fun. Try to join in his activities and celebrate your time together.

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