Why Toddlers Play with Small Objects

Does your child play with small objects even when there isn’t a dearth of big toys? He isn’t alone. Most toddlers pick mini versions of toys because their mental capacity can’t decipher what the object is and the right size of a thing they should choose.

Don’t be surprised if your toddler pushes aside the new and expensive truck you bought him. He probably still likes his miniature cars and that mini kitchen set. You might notice that your child may even pretend that the small version of a toy is the real thing. Should this surprise you? Probably not!

Toddlers’ Behaviour of Playing with Small Objects

1. The Real Thing

Most toddlers tend to mistake the miniature version of an object with its life-size version. In fact, most experts attribute it to normal toddler development. Have you noticed a similar pattern in your young one? He might use a small object and pretend that it was the real thing. He may try to fit on a small truck or sit on a small-size version of a chair.All you can hope for is that he ‘outgrows’ it in time to come.

2. Nature Lover

Have you experienced this funny occurrence where your toddler is concerned? If you happen to leave him in the garden, he might just find rocks, leaves and a few other ‘natural items’ to play with. Sometimes, he may bring these items into the house. Cleaning up after a play session with these items could be a pain for you. However, this occurrence is something you should prepare for. Allow him to play with these items. After some time, he might just get bored of them and move on to something else.

3. Teaching Aid

Stop wondering why toddlers play with small objects Don’t! Instead, think of ways to make it a fun, educative exercise. If he is playing with a car, you can spell it out for him (C-A-R) and let him in on small facts about the car. You can talk about its colour or other car parts. The small bits that you feed mentally will register in his mind. Before you know it, he will know information about the car that other kids might not.

4. Maintain Safety

While it is perfectly all right for your toddler to be attracted to playing with small object, you need to ensure his safety. These small objects have a way of finding itself into a toddler’s mouth. You definitely don’t want your little one choking on an object. You can always draw his attention to other fun activities if he doesn’t want to give up the objects. Organising playgroups once in a while could help him focus on other activities that involve other children. Toddlers playing with small things could prove to be tricky. Keep a close watch to ensure your little one is safe at all times.

It remains to be seen if your toddler is still infatuated with small objects six months down the road.It would be wise for you to stop investing in expensive toys till the phase passes.

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