When Do Babies Start Holding & Playing With Toys?

When Do Babies Start To Play With Toys

Following the hectic daily nursing cycle, a newborn baby is tiring for every mother. A mother knows the value of waiting for their babies to interact with them, yes, mothers start talking to their babies from day one, but they don’t get any response. Kids start responding when they get something to play with and begin understanding the actions initially.  The process is gradual and takes time.

In this article, we are going to discuss the growth of kids over time and the role of toys in it. We shall be providing you with crucial information regarding the kind of toys kids should play with. Let’s get started.

When Does a Baby Start Playing With Toys? 

We cannot deny the fact that during the first few months from the day the baby is born, the babies only play with their mother, father, and other family members. It is because they are too small to observe the world and things around them during that time. 

After some months, things shift, and babies start playing with the things present around them. The age of a newborn baby decides the timing of playing with toys. To make it easy for you, we have categorized the age of a baby in the initial months from their birth to their first birthday. Have a look at the months when the baby is ready to play with particular toys. 

1. Birth to two Months Old 

A mother should know that the upcoming two months should belong to the newborn only after the baby’s birth. During this time, they need their mother to play with. Spending time with your baby, holding them, playing with them, and making them smile should be a priority. This period is one of the most beautiful phases of parenting. 

Make sure that you are with them most of the time. During this period, when their senses are growing, you can bring toys with very soft sounds and vibrant and beautiful colors, which cannot harm the baby anyway. You can buy hanging toys for their cradle, like soft birds, rattles, etc. Keep toys at least 8-9 inches away from them. 

2. 2 to 4 Months Old 

During this period, your baby can still play with their previous toys, but now you can introduce them to more new toys. Old vibrant colored rattles, soft toys, colorful playing mats, and many other toys can be added to their toys section. 

Try to look for the toys which will make them happy just by a glance, and the toys should not have sharp edges. Simply saying, look for the best quality kids-friendly toys. 

3. 4 to 6 Months Old 

A 4 to 6 months old baby starts developing some strength, and now they can pass, grab, and hit things with their hand movements. This is the best time to introduce them to toys that make sounds when they squeeze or toys that they can hit with their hands, like softballs. 

A 4-6 month toddler puts everything they see around them inside their mouth. Hence, before buying toys, check whether the toy you bring is safe for them if they take it inside their mouth. You need to keep small toys that can choke them if they gulp them away from kids.

4. 6 to 12 Months Old 

During this period, you will observe that your baby is growing very fast, get some new toys and observe them playing. New toys can include toys that they can grab and throw, hold and shake with their hands, toys to enhance their understanding, and much more. 

Apart from the toys mentioned above, you should also bring some toys which they can use to stand up and take their first steps. In this period, they will start taking the support of objects around them to move by crawling or walking after a few months. Moving objects with sound and vibrant colors would be a great pick to help them move toward the toy. 

What Toys Should Baby Play With? 

As babies go through different growth phases, they learn different skills over that time. In fact, babies learn the most during their initial years. The toys you offer your babies should be helpful for them to learn through this rapid growth period. 

For instance, right after the birth, the toys you offer to your baby should be focused on stimulating their senses for the first few months. Some of the best toys that you can offer an infant are as follows:

  • Toys with different textures 
  • Toys that produce music 
  • Tiny rattles 
  • Unbreakable crib mirrors

As the baby grows and develops skills, they would need toys that can assist their skills development. These toys should be attractive to grab the infant’s attention so that you can successfully teach them the relationships between the cause and the effect. The following are some ideal toys for babies who are 3 to 6 months old:

  • Soft, colorful balls
  • Stuffed animals
  • Sensory toys

Between the age of 7 months to 1 year, you can offer your baby toys that allow them to engage in exciting and new things. Toys should be more of a stimulus for your kids during this period. The following could be the best toy for the proper development of your baby:

Factors To Consider When Buying Toys for Your Baby

Once you have figured out when can newborns can start playing with toys and what toys are appropriate for their age group, you must shop for the right toys. It is suggested never to buy random toys you see in toy shops for your baby. There are a lot of factors that should be taken into consideration before buying a toy for your baby. Following are the factors to consider when buying toys for your baby: 

  • Colors: It is very important to introduce your baby to colors in the initial months after the birth. During this time, the only colors they can see and differentiate between are white and black only. Bringing toys with vibrant colors will be appealing enough for the kids.
  • Sounds: Your baby won’t need anyone if the toy they have produces sound. They will enjoy playing with them and creating the sound. Make sure the sound is not too loud.
  • Movement: Another factor to consider in a toy is whether it moves or not. Your baby will always pick a moving toy over a steady toy, as they find such toys more engaging. 
  • Material: Checking the material quality is very important while buying a toy for your kid. Search for toys that are made of kid-friendly material. For a small baby, search for vibrant teether toys.

There is no such fixed time when a kid starts playing with toys, and not all the babies are the same. Some kids start early, and some do late, but as a mother, you should know that your kid has something to play with and learn at an appropriate time. 

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