Understanding Hand Coordination Skills in Babies

Understanding Hand Coordination Skills in Babies

Your little one is born with the ability to grasp even at birth. Hand coordination skills are one of the most important milestones that are essential to life. As your baby learns to hold things, a whole new world opens up to your baby and he starts exploring his surroundings. As your baby develops his hand coordination skills, he will also take his first step to doing things himself.

Your baby’s hand coordination skills develop from the time he is born and gradually increases over the next one year. During the first year your baby has to cross different milestones to master the skill of hand coordination. Here are the different stages of hand coordination development for your baby:

Newborn to 2 Months

When your baby is born, her fists are clenched or closed. It will take a few days for her to uncurl her fingers and resume the normal position. At around 2 to 3 months she will slowly start opening her hands and attempt to grasp objects. She will explore her hands through her mouth and you can start observing her sucking her thumb.

3 to 6 Months

Now your baby will begin to have more control of his fingers, and will try to grasp little things that he will observe around him. He will try to grab his own toys and drop them down to see the effect. He will start analysing the cause and effect relationship. His hands will try to flex and obtain a firmer grip on the object he attempts to hold. During this period your baby’s gross motor skills are developing. He will also be able sit up straight and feel the movement of his hands.

6 to 8 Months

Your baby will now begin to crawl using her hands and knees. Her rocking back and forth position to crawl is very important for hand coordination. Her little fingers will explore different textures and colours. During this period, both gross and fine motor skills are developing. You will see her transferring objects or her toys from one hand to another. Rattling toys or music producing toys will attract her now.

9 to 12 Months

As your little one loves to throw things around, he will also stretch out his hands to pick them up. This will strengthen his muscles and improve hand-eye coordination. He will be able to fully grasp objects and also use them in the correct manner. He will also be able to hold a cup or bottle firmly without dropping it.

Encouraging You Baby To Improve Hand Coordination Skills

Although your baby will progress and pick up hand coordination skills on her own, it is important that you encourage your baby at every step to make it easier to achieve the milestones. Sit down with her when she attempts to hold objects or throw them. Give her objects she can grasp easily such as soft toys, or rubber boards.

Play along with your baby and help her improve her motor skills. This will make it more fun for your baby to explore her joyful little world!

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