Should You Use Mineral Oil for Babies?

Mineral Oil for Babies

The skin of babies is super sensitive and delicate. This is due to the initial developing stage that your little one goes through. The oversensitive skin, thus calls for extra care and precautions that one must take as a parent.  This includes using the right kind of products on the skin.

Mineral oil, for instance, has been widely used for babies. But the question is whether it is safe or not. Before you apply anything on your baby’s skin, knowing the pros and cons can come in handy.

What is Mineral Oil?

Mineral oil or aptly the white mineral oil is a by-product that is derived from refining crude oil that is further used for making petroleum-based products and gasoline. Mineral oil is a transparent liquid that appears to be colourless and is an ingredient in a lot of baby cosmetic products, including the baby oil. When you browse through the ingredients of your baby’s oil, you’ll find “paraffinum liquidum” listed on it. This is what signifies the concentration of mineral oil in the oil.

Is Mineral Oil Safe for Babies?

No, mineral oil isn’t safe for babies. Whether you are using mineral oil for babies’ hair or for their body, it is considered to be unsafe. Mineral oil may lead to toughening of skin that may further lead to dryness. This mineral oil tends to clog your baby’s skin pores that, in turn, suffocate the skin.

The reason behind it is simple. The skin requires space for breathing. It does that with the help of minute pores on the skin. But, when the skin’s surface is covered with a layer of mineral oil, the skin dirt tends to settle down. Such a situation is not at all ideal in case of babies as the dirt may transform into the toxins that may harm the baby later.

When wondering “is mineral oil safe for babies with constipation”, it has a dicey perspective. On the one hand, mineral oil is considered to be a great remedy for constipation. It is believed; when mineral oil is massaged over the intestinal surface which, in turn, averts water absorption.

On the other side, mineral oil is not safe for infants and is not even recommended by doctors for babies under the age of six. Even if you are using mineral oil based products on kids, it is highly advised to minimize it or stop it altogether.

What are the Side-Effects of Using Mineral Oil on Infants?

Mineral oil has a number of side effects when baby health is the matter of concern. Some of which, include:

1. Skin Pore Clogging

Skin requires breathing for its normal functioning. When mineral oil is applied to a baby’s body, the skin develops a layer that obstructs the dirt and other impurities from escaping.

2. Digestion Issues

Babies have a tendency to put anything and everything in the mouth. Be it hands or the feet; babies can be seen putting them in the mouth. And, when you have recently massaged their hands and feet, the mineral oil is likely to get into the system, which, in turn, leads to indigestion.

3. Negative Impact on Cell Development

For your surprise, the mineral oil does not moisturize your baby’s skin. On the other side, mineral oil also resists the moisture absorption from around the air, thus, negative impact on the normal cell development.

4. Candidiasis Vulnerability

In case you apply mineral oil to your baby’s skin; that are lower in weight there are possibilities that they may develop candidiasis or yeast infection.

5. Nutritional Deficiencies

When mineral oil for baby massage is used, the skin usually absorbs it. Once the oil gets absorbed, it makes its way to the intestinal system. In turn, the vitamins get saturated, thus the nutritional deficiencies.

Looking into how mineral oil can harm your baby, try to shift over to safer alternatives such as the flax-seed oil. And, in case you observe any of the mentioned side effects in your baby, do not hesitate to contact a dermatologist.

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