Questions to Start a Conversation With Young Kids

Questions to Start a Conversation With Young Kids

It’s time you get to really know who your kids are. Do you wish to have a decent conversation with your kid but never quite know how to go about it? Check out our list of questions to ask your young human. We promise you’ll never be tongue-tied or at a loss for words again!

Your child is growing and so is his mind, and you want to know all the thoughts that go on in his head. Unfortunately, your child refuses to initiate conversation most of the time. And since you are not a mind reader, it is up to you to take the lead.

Here Are 10 Questions You Must Ask Your Child to Get Them Talking

1. If You Could Change Any Part of Your Dry, Wiich Part Would You Change and Why?

What a break from the usual “how was your day” icebreaker! Your child will gladly tell you which part of his day was far from perfect and why it was that way. Just like adults, kids too love to complain.

2. Do You Know What Made me Laugh Today?

If the above doesn’t work, it could mean that your kids need a little push to get talking. And what better way to do this than to share something funny with him? One you are done narrating, you are definitely going to get a good response to question 3!

3. Did Anything Make You Laugh?

If something did amuse your kid today, he will share it with you! However, be prepared for your kid to say something like “no. I had a really boring day.” And if he does say that, it would be a good time to ask him question number 4.

4. Did Something Upsetting Happen?

Sometimes, your child will say the day was boring when in fact something made him feel sad and he doesn’t want to talk about it – at least not until he is asked. Asking him about it in a calm manner will make it more likely for him to share exactly what happened. ||

5. What is the One Thing About You that Most People Don’t Know?

This is the one question that is sure to have some interesting answers! And who knows, you may get to learn something new about your kid too!

6. Which is Your Favourite Song?

This is a classic question that always works as most kids love music. And since new songs come out every day, the answer to this question will never get old. In fact, it will change way too often.

7. Who Do You Love the Most in the World?

As a mom, it is natural that you will want your kid to love you more than anything and anyone else. And chances are high that he will say just that. However, be prepared for a variety of answers – his favourite soft toy, his class teacher, or even dad. Don’t worry, ma! Your kid loves you a lot, and they say love cannot be measured.

8. What Time of the Day are You Most Happy – Morning, Afternoon or Night?

Want to know if your kid is a morning bird, an evening lark or a night owl? All you have to do is ask this question!

9. Have You Ever Been Happy and Sad at the Same Time?

What, you thought little kids can’t be philosophical? If yes, your kid’s answer to this question will definitely change your mind. Little kids can be very wise, you see.

10. Which Animal Would You Like to Have as A Pet and Why?

You may think you already know the answer to this question because you have seen how lovingly your child looks at the neighbour’s cat, dog or parrot. But kids say he darnedest things! So you might hear of made up animals (parrot-cat!), creatures that don’t exist (unicorns!), even cartoon characters (Doraemon!) Hear them out before you tell them that the mentioned animal doesn’t exist. Or don’t. It’s totally your call.

Remember, never force your kids to answer a question if they don’t feel comfortable. Of course, you can always try to persuade them, but if they refuse after a few tries, don’t pressure them. Just like adults, kids too have some thoughts they would like to keep private. It is up to us as parents to respect their boundaries, especially if you want them to respect yours.

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