Pooping during Delivery


Yes, we know how weird and awkward it may sound. Putting your body through pain and effort to get your baby out of the body is one thing. But accompanying the same with poop just removes all the warmth and happy feeling that surrounds childbirth, and makes it the most disgusting, embarrassing and harrowing thing to take place. It doesn’t have to be so since pooping during early labour is nothing out of the ordinary and many women do face the same dilemma.

Why Do Some Women Poop while Giving Birth?

You might already be wondering is it normal to poop during childbirth, and you already might have the right answer. The entire lower section of your body engages in pushing out the baby, which activates the same group of muscles that are responsible for pushing out poop from your butt. Furthermore, being pregnant means the presence of the baby puts quite a lot of pressure on the region. This further increases when the delivery is underway and the baby is moving down through the birth canal. At this juncture, the pressure on the colon and rectum is immense, which can actually facilitate easy pooping as well.

Your body is to blame as well since it begins production of a hormone termed as prostaglandins. What these hormones do on a general basis is stimulate the bowel movements in your body, along with helping induce labour. What the body understands is that it needs to push things out, be it the baby or poop.

Can Epidurals Increase Your Chance Of Pooping?

Many women tend to believe that absence of the pain of childbirth may make your body believe that you are trying to pass out poop instead of pushing out your baby. Therefore, epidurals might increase chances of pooping.

But that’s not how it works. Epidural or not, your body is well-aware of the fact that a baby’s delivery is on the way and nothing is going to stop it. It is a pregnancy, the biggest physical development your body will ever undergo in its lifetime. What the epidural will do is numb the sensation of bowel movement. So, you might tend to pass the poop easily or might pass it just as a result of pushing your baby and you wouldn’t even realize what you’ve done.

How to Prevent Pooping During Labour?

Envisioning the scene of pooping while delivering the baby, many women want to know how to avoid pooping while giving birth, and retain the beauty of childbirth in a memorable way. Well, there are certain things that can be taken into account for it.

1. Get an Enema while You Can

The best way to prevent pooping is to not have any poop inside your body in the first place. When your contractions begin and you reach the clinic, if your doctors term that your labour is still in the early stages, you can request them to help you with an enema, especially if you feel that your bowels are full. By clearing up your bowels and pooping out all that there is inside, you will be much more relaxed and can fully concentrate on delivering your baby properly.

2. Don’t Hold Back if You Want to Poop

Just the way labour tends to sit in when the time is right, pooping also usually happens the same way, pregnant or not. In case your contractions have begun and you do feel the need to poop, don’t avoid it or try to stop it with the rationalization that you can get it done once the baby is delivered. These are still the early stages of the labour and your baby can wait for some time. Go to the toilet and poop properly, emptying your bowels. The mental calm of having cleansed your bowels can actually facilitate labour to proceed properly.


3. Opting for Suppository Medication

At times, you may not be ready for an enema and you may also be suffering from constipation. This leads to wanting to poop but being unable to do so. Suppositories work wonders in such regards. These are preparations that are inserted in the anus, which dissolve and cause bowel movement to take place. Constipation is such cases disappears within half an hour to an hour after taking the suppository, and you can directly head to take care of the business. A doctor’s recommendation is highly required in such a case.

4. Do Not Hog on Food during Labour

Labour is extremely exhausting and taxing, no doubt, and can make you hungry, especially in times of extended labour. This does not mean that you should eat anything and everything you can lay your eyes upon. The safest food items to be had during labour are all light ones and especially liquid ones. Soups and smoothies are good to be had, or even nutrition bars. Try not to have a sumptuous meal of meat and burgers while you’re in labour since that could get digested and result in bowel movement at the most inappropriate time.

5. Maintain a Proper Diet to Avoid Constipation during Delivery

Pooping is a natural activity and there is no stopping it. But the process can be eased and be made timely to not interfere with your childbirth. This entails taking care of it right from getting pregnant itself. Make sure your diet has enough fibrous food items or elements that have a higher amount of fibre in them. This balanced diet helps build up the bowel movement that is necessary for pooping and reduces constipation from taking place. This assists during labour, since you can quickly go and take a dump if you feel like it, and not be plagued by constipation related issues throughout.

Pooping is natural and there are no two ways about it. By knowing how to avoid pooping while giving birth, you can ensure your childbirth stays poop-free. Despite that, if pooping does occur, there is no reason to worry or feel embarrassed. The doctors, nurses and everyone is completely focused on ensuring that the baby is safe and they are well aware of such instances happening. So, it is in your best interest to make sure your baby is delivered properly and happily, and poop can make its own way out by itself, should it choose to.

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