How to Get Pregnant by Keeping Pillow Under Hips

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Many women find it hard to get pregnant even after multiple attempts. With so many myths about the ideal methods to conceive available out there, it may hard ascertain what to believe. However, if you have been trying to get pregnant in vain, then you can try the pillow under your hip method to help you in the process and maximise your chances of getting pregnant.

Can Keeping a Pillow under the Hips help Women Conceive?

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Keeping a pillow under the hips and raising your legs against a wall is ideally a great way to conceive for many women who have been trying to get pregnant. If you are wondering how to use a pillow to get pregnant and how it works, then here are some facts.

1. The Vaginal pH

Your vagina has an acidic environment which is not ideal for the survival of the sperms. Sperms prefer an alkaline environment and hence need to move away from the acidity of the vagina as soon as they can. The cervical mucus helps prevent damage that may be caused by the vaginal acidity until the sperms reach the egg and fertilise it in the fallopian tube. Using a pillow under your hips can speed up this process and prevent the sperm from getting affected by the acidity in the vagina.

2. Sperm Quality

In case the quality of sperm is low, the sperms will find it difficult to travel to the fallopian tube successfully. Raising your legs up with a pillow under your hips can be beneficial during this process.

3. Cervical Mucus is Hostile

Cervical mucus is meant to protect the sperm from the vaginal acidity. If the mucus in the cervix is hostile or you have less cervical fluid, then this position will be beneficial for you because it helps the sperms avoid the vagina and reach the fallopian tube directly.

4. If you Want a Boy

It is known that male sperms swim faster than female sperms. This information is particularly beneficial if you are hoping for a boy. The raised leg position with a pillow under your hips can increase your chances of having a boy. It is also best if the sperms are deposited very close to the fallopian tube.

How long do you need to stay in this Position?

Using the pillow position to get pregnant is ideal for women facing difficulty in conceiving. Since it can help the sperm reach the fallopian tube faster, it can fertilise the egg in case you have already ovulated. The sperms can also stay alive for 3 to 5 days in the reproductive tract. If you ovulate around this time, you will have a significantly higher chance of getting pregnant due to the availability of a higher number of sperms. Try and stay in this position for as long as you can or for 30 minutes for best results.

Your chances of conception are dependent on many factors, and if you cannot get pregnant even after various methods like these, then it is best to consult a gynaecologist to discuss your options for treatment.

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