Newborn Vaccinations at 2 months - A Complete List

Newborn Vaccinations at 2 months – A Complete List

The best way to protect your baby from life-threatening diseases is through vaccination. Vaccines work by introducing foreign invaders such as bacteria or viruses into the body – but only enough to trigger the immune cells and not make your child sick! Your baby needs different vaccines as he grows up. Check out the list for two months right here…

Before you get your baby vaccinated, make sure you follow a few precautions. If your baby is severely ill on the scheduled day, ask to come back at a later date. A mild fever or cold is usually not a problem; your doctor will advise you on this. You also need to check for reactions to the vaccine– if your child has had an allergic reaction to a vaccine before, discuss this in-depth with the medical professional.

Here is the complete list of vaccines your baby is due for at two months of age

1. DTaP/DTwP

This vaccine protects your baby from diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. These are common childhood ailments that, if not prevented, can bring on fatal conditions like heart failure, pneumonia and stiffness of the jaw.
Total Doses: 5 | Next Dose: 4 months

2. Hib

This vaccine targets Haemophilus Influenzae which usually manifests itself in the form of fever, headache, cough, stiff neck and breathing problems. In severe cases, it can even lead to meningitis and pneumonia – both life-threatening in babies!
Total Doses: 3 | Next Dose: 6-18 months

3. Rotavirus

This is a very important vaccine for your baby as it helps protect against rotavirus – the leading cause of diarrhoea in babies. Rotavirus can be very dangerous for your infant as it leads to severe dehydration.
Total Doses: 3 | Next Dose: 4 months

4. IPV

This the injectable polio vaccine which has taken the world by storm! Polio, once a debilitating condition leading to permanent paralysis, has now been eradicated in India.
Total Doses: 4 | Next Dose: 4 months

5. Hep B

The Hepatitis B vaccine saves your child from the distressing effects of the disease, including include tiredness, diarrhoea, jaundice, and possibly even liver damage.
Total Doses: 3 | Next Dose: 6-18 months

6. PCV

The Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine is an optional vaccine for your baby and is also an expensive one. However, it prevents pneumonia and meningitis – potentially fatal illnesses in babies! You can have a discussion with your paediatrician to discuss this.

Has your doctor prescribed fewer vaccines than mentioned in this list? Some doctors prefer combination vaccines or several vaccines in the same shot. Rest assured, they are completely safe and will mean that your baby has to go through fewer shots!

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