How to Increase Your Husband's Sperm Count Required for Pregnancy

Home Remedies to Increase Your Husband’s Sperm Count

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For ladies trying to have a baby, it is imperative that their husbands do not have fertility problems to contend with. A few home remedies are all your husband needs to ensure that he procreates without complication. Plus, home treatments are always less intimidating than a dose of modern medication, right?

Male infertility is a problem that is directly associated with sperm count. While there is a world of modern medicines to salvage the situation, a few home remedies can benefit equally. After all, what better way to solve a problem but at home, right? Apart from using the traditional home remedies, ensure that your husband follows a healthy diet that is low in refined carbs and high on green leafy vegetables and fruits. If you must, get him to quit smoking and do away with his stash of alcohol. Of course, before you start following these home remedies, it is important that any underlying medical disorder is completely ruled out.

Tips to Increase Your Husband’s Sperm Count

A low sperm count does not mean that you will not be able to conceive. By adopting a healthy lifestyle and eating right, you can win half the battle. The key is to stay committed to a set plan, which could include dietary changes and light exercises for an hour every day.

1. Use Maca Root

The black variety of maca root can improve sperm count. The herb helps balance the hormones. You can add 2-3 teaspoons of the root to your husband’s morning smoothie or protein shake before he leaves for work.

2. Monitor the Diet

A diet change is one of the most effective ways to increase your husband’s sperm count. Including green leafy vegetables, citrus, broccoli and kale in his diet will ensure an increase in the quality and quantity of his sperm. Coffee and alcohol need to be removed from his diet too, for improved results. While it isn’t easy to bring about such changes in a day, it is imperative that you lay down the reality in a kind tone and employ empathetic persuasion.

3. Go Organic

Get him to stop using synthetic deodorants and cosmetics. It is quite odd to note that your husband’s favourite deodorant could not be doing his sperms any favour. Ask him to switch to organic cosmetic products. While it may cost a bit extra, it will improve his sperm count naturally. Obviously, when we say organic, how can we forget the food? Make sure the fruits, dairy products, and vegetables that he consumes are organic and far away from pesticides. The idea is to reduce his chemical exposure.

4. Garlic

Why garlic? Well, it’s a natural aphrodisiac that enables sperm count. Garlic contains allicin which boosts sperm endurance, and also ensures an improved blood circulation. Include this in your diet by adding a crushed garlic clove or two, to your food.

5. Exercise

Moderate exercise can boost sperm count. Encourage your husband to go for a light jog in the morning or join you as you shake to the Zumba beats. Set aside an hour, daily, to work out together to ensure that he does not have to go through it alone. But if he is into gym training, encourage him to continue with it at all costs.

The home remedies prescribed to increase your husband’s sperm count are simple and easy to follow. Over time, the results will begin to show, and you may well be on your way to becoming a parent. It is important to remember that the problem of low sperm count can be handled easily by following a regulated diet that is healthy and devoid of toxic. Once your husband is committed to a slightly tweaked version of his lifestyle, you can start your family planning without any worries.

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