Positive & Negative Effects of Superheroes on Children

Surprising Effects of Superheroes on Children

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Young children are filled with insatiable curiosity and vivid imagination. Their world is filled with magical, mystical, or larger than life characters that they may watch in movies or TV shows. Sometimes, children fancy these characters so much that their daily life starts getting affected. It’s no doubt that these superheroes have a tendency to impact young minds, but sometimes this impact can turn negative. Learn through this article the positive and negative impacts that superheroes can have on children. We shall also talk about what steps you can take as parents to minimise such effects.

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Impact of Superheroes on Kids

Superheroes are super humans that save the world from the clutches of evil. Every child would want to be like them in her deepest desires. While these characters can have a positive impact on a child’s mind, sometimes it can take a negative turn, too. In a recent study, it was observed that young children do not like superhero characters for their bravery, but for their action and fighting skills. Let us discuss in detail the positive and negative impacts of superheroes on kids:

1. Positive Impacts

Some of the positive impacts may include:

  • Kids learn to be helpful.

Superheroes go around saving and helping people. Your child might get attracted to this quality, and might learn to be helpful towards the people in need.

  • They may learn good morals.

Superheroes can be beneficial in teaching good values to children. Your child will understand that good triumphs over evil, and thus one should always strive to do the right thing.

They may learn good morals.

  • Superheroes help in enhancing confidence.

In the world of superheroes, everything seems to be possible. Your child may also think the same. This may help in building up her confidence. If she is a shy child, indulging her in the fancy world of superheroes and telling her that she can do anything will help your child become more confident and shed self-doubt.

  • They can make a child feel empowered.

Acting or behaving like a superhero when playing with friends or siblings can help a child feel more empowered, especially if she does not feel so in the real world. This can also help your child deal with power and control issues that she may be experiencing, and can also help resolve any kind of anxiety or fear.

imitating superheroes can make your child feel empowered

  • They may help children make healthy food choices.

Recent research shows that children who fancied superheroes opted for healthier food options under the impression that their favourite superhero would also like those food items.

2. Negative Impacts

Some of the negative impacts may include:

  • It may lead to aggression.

We can all agree that superheroes can be violent, because they are fighting all the time. This can adversely impact young minds and make them aggressive.

violence in superhero films can make your child aggressive

  • It may cause violent behaviour.

Children are exposed to a lot of violence through superhero movies. Young minds learn and emulate what they see and observe, and if their favourite superhero is their role model, they are likely to act violent, too.

  •  It may threaten the safety of the child.

Children can often pull careless stunts to imitate their favourite superhero, like jumping off a bed or getting into a mock sword fight with a friend. Such actions can sometimes cause injuries, which could sometimes be fatal.

your child imitating the superhero's stunts might hurt her

  • It may not be age-appropriate.

Though the age limit is always mentioned during the start of the film or show, sometimes parents may neglect these aspects. The age-inappropriate content may adversely impact young minds.

  • It may make the child delusional.

Sometimes a child may be lost in her own world, away from the realities of life. She may start believing that the world of superheroes is real and may act and behave in the similar fashion too. This may make the child delusional.

your child might think that the superhero world is real

What Can Parents Do?

As parents, you should not shun the importance of superheroes in your child’s life. It is important that you empathise with your child and let her know that you appreciate her passion. But at the same time, it is important that you make your child understand that fiction and reality are two separate worlds. Also, teaching her about real heroes in life, such as Indian farmers and freedom fighters, may prove to be helpful.

We all love superheroes, and so do our little munchkins. Let them soak in the superhero frenzy, while keeping them abreast with reality!

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