How to Dress Your Baby in Winter

Dressing your Baby Smartly for Winter – Top 8 Tips

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Infants are vulnerable to various infections and viruses in the early stages of their lives. This is because their immune system isn’t strong enough to fight against potential infections. Winters are enjoyable, but they also lead to preferable environments for infections and illnesses to occur and spread, such as common cold, cough, influenza, pneumonia, etc. Hence, you need to dress your baby well and keep him warm throughout the season. But, why make it boring when you can liven up your child’s winter wardrobe a bit? Read this article to know when your baby needs to be dressed in winter wear, and how you can do so to make your little one look smart while he beats the cold.

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How to Know If your Baby Is Feeling Cold?

Your baby will not be able to communicate with you for quite some time. However, there are certain things you can do to confirm whether or not he is cold. Check out the below points for your reference:

  • Put your hands gently to his belly and check if it feels cool to your hands. If it does, it’s a sign that your little angel is feeling cold. Try keeping him warm at once to avoid cold.
  • Another trick is to check the temperature of his feet and hands. If you find them extremely cold, then it’s another symptom of him being cold. Try to cover your baby with cosy clothes to keep him warm at once.
  • If you find his hands and feet to be little bluish or blotchy, it is highly possible that he is getting very cold and needs some immediate attention from you.
  • Babies tend to be fussy, and it’s quite common for them to cry whenever they are uncomfortable since that’s the only way for them to communicate at such a young age. If your baby has watery eyes and seems fussy and uncomfortable, don’t ignore it as something normal. It’s very likely that he is feeling cold. Attend to him immediately and keep him warm and cosy.
  • A runny nose is a clear sign that your baby is feeling cold. Babies are more vulnerable to viruses and infections, so don’t delay if you see your child cold and make sure that he is warm and comfortable.

Best Tips to Dress Your Baby for the Cold Weather

A baby in winter clothes

As a parent, you want to do everything to make your baby comfortable. However, at such a young age, he can’t verbally communicate his comfort or discomfort. That’s why dressing your baby smartly for winters might prove to be challenging at times. If you are parenting a newborn, you may want to check out these 8 best tips on how to dress a newborn in winter.

1. Layer Up

It is the most basic yet effective way to keep your little one warm and cosy. Just ensure that layering is comfortable for him. The best thing about layering is that you can always undo an extra layer if your baby starts to feel too warm.

2. Selecting the Right Fabric

Choosing the right fabric is important to ensure that it fulfils the purpose of keeping your baby warm. Thermal clothes are your best bet when it comes to winter clothing. Clothes made from wool or polyester are also good to opt for. We recommend you to don’t go for cotton clothes since it’s not effective against the cold. Also, be mindful of picking clothes that do not absorb the moisture in the air when you are outdoors with your baby during winter.

3. Outdoor Accessories

If you are planning to go outdoors with your little one, then it’s better to clad him with extra accessories, such as mittens and a hat. Having them on your baby will ensure that he is warm and comfortable when outdoors. Pick a hat which is made of soft material and yet fulfils its purpose to keep your little one cosy.

4. Carry a Blanket

If you expect the temperature to drop low, then it’s better to carry a blanket with you to keep your baby warm. A blanket is essential if you stay in a city where it gets highly freezing.

5. Snowsuits

Snowsuits are perfect for cold winters. Not only do they make babies look super cute, but they also provide protection against cold. Snowsuits are designed to cover your baby from head to toe. If you are going out, then you don’t even need to carry a hat for your baby if he is clad in a snowsuit. To provide additional protection against cold, you may wrap a soft blanket over the snowsuit.

6. Go for Zip-Ups

We recommend you to go for zip-ups because they are easy to put on and remove. Imagine a situation when you need to change your baby’s diaper immediately, or when the temperature starts to rise, and you want to remove some layers of his attire. Zip-ups make changing clothes extremely efficient.

7. Sweet Dreams With a Sleep Sack

A sleep sack is one of the best choices you will ever make for your little angel. Not only will it safeguard your baby from chilly winter nights, but its cosy and soft interior will also help him sleep tight.

8. Stroller Outfit

If you intend to go out to get some fresh air with your little munchkin in a stroller then as a rule of thumb, ensure he is properly covered, especially, his hands, feet, ear, and head, as these body parts are susceptible to frostbite. Before your stroll out, clad your baby in a long-sleeved onesie, pants, and socks, then put on a zip-up sweatshirt, followed by a nice and cosy snowsuit. Now your little warrior is ready to beat the cold.

How to Dress Your Baby for Sleeping During Winter?

A baby in winter clothes

Dressing a baby for sleep is equally important. Don’t make the mistake of putting your little one to sleep with loose blankets or sheets. That’s a big No because it might strangle them. Overheating also puts babies at the risk of SIDS. Therefore, use fewer layers, and use a bodysuit or onesie. You might want to use a sleep sack or a swaddling blanket, depending on the temperature of your baby’s room.

For How Long Can You Take Your Newborn Out in the Cold?

Babies are quick to lose their body heat, so it’s better that you limit your long walks in winters, especially if the outdoor temperature is below -20 degrees C and it’s quite windy. If it’s not too cold or windy outside, there is no harm in taking your baby out for a stroll for a while. Pay attention to your baby if he starts to make a fuss. If he does, maybe it’s a sign that he has started to get cold. For premature babies, you better consult with your doctor before you can expose your baby out to the cold.

Winters are cold and can be tough on babies, but with proper dressing and care, you can avoid its risk of impacting your baby’s health. Remember that precaution is way better than cure. Hence, make sure that you take all the necessary steps to keep your baby warm and comfortable. It will make every winter day comfortable, memorable and fun for both of you.

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