Simple House Chores to Keep Your Kids Busy and Their Benefits

Simple House Chores to Keep Your Kids Busy and Their Benefits

Keeping our little monsters busy is really getting tough.

Maanya keeps on asking me when can she go back to her school and play with her friends, and I have to tirelessly keep repeating my answers. But deep down I know she is really bored and wants to go back to her daily schedule again and sadly it’s really a long way to normal again.

Then I started involving her in small chores around the house, this way her energy is also consumed and she enjoys doing these little chores.

Here are a few tasks that a 3 to 4-year-old can easily do.

1. Helping set the dinner tables

We use steel dinner plates and serving bowls, so it’s completely safe to let her hold dinner plates from the kitchen to the dining table. Ensure you give 1 plate at a time so it’s not heavy and kids can easily carry it. If you use ceramic or glass crockery do not do this task.

2. Keeping clothes in the drawer.

I have kept a few clothes they wear at home in a drawer which can be easily accessed by my 3-year-old, whenever we fold clothes and I go to keep them in my cupboard, she carries her clothes to her drawer to keep. Initially, for a few days, I had to guide her but now she has become a pro.

3. Picking up, sorting, and putting back toys

She has been doing this since she was 2 years old, but now we have made different baskets for different toys. After dinner, my daughter plays for an hour or so and after that, she sorts and puts everything in its respective basket and then to it’s designated place.

4. Helping to clean

This by far is her favourite task. She just loves to spray and mop, so whenever I am on a cleaning spree, I hand her a spray bottle and a cloth, she cleans whatever she can, and later I finish the rest.

5. Helping her younger sibling

My younger daughter is a year old, and when we sit to eat I often ask Maanya to help me feed Vihaana, of course, I only give dry food like cucumber, apple, etc. It’s really amazing to see how she feeds my little one with love and care.

These are a few chores my daughter enjoys, now let’s talk about its benefits:

* Helps in developing gross motor skills.
* Helps in building grip, for pre-writing skills.
* Helps in learning about independence.
* Helps in learning about responsibility.
* Improves hand and eye coordination.

Do try some of these fun activities with your kids.

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