You Don't Need a Reason to Love a Girl Child

You Don’t Need a Reason to Love a Girl Child

One of the best sayings I’ve read in a magazine was ‘a daughter is one of the best and beautiful gifts this world has to give’. So true! Yes of course without a girl the world would incomplete. Being a mother of a baby boy I appreciate those mothers who give birth to a baby girl. Not only do they deliver a girl, in fact, they also give birth to power, happiness, and joy. In one word they give birth to Devi Durga. Throughout my pregnancy, I thought of a baby girl. But I gave birth to a baby boy. It was a happy moment for me. But if I gave birth to a baby girl then that would be a more happiest moment!
Today I am writing a small token of appreciation for those who are planning to become a mother or to those who are already a mother of a girl child. Never feel bad if you have a girl child or a boy child. They are same per ability. If you are struggling with society for giving birth to a girl child then here’s what you should think of. Will society feed you or your family? Will society help you with your child’s education? Absolutely not! So why worry about society? And if you are planning to be a mother, then be free minded and relaxed whatever may be the result. One day you will be a great mother! Gender discrimination doesn’t help the child get better. In fact, it destroys the goodwill of the family. As a mother or a guardian, the main motive should be how you can make your child happy.

Go get some leisure time, spend time with the family. They need you the most. Many times they even don’t know how to overcome the situation, but they know that they have a mother or father or guardian. A priceless bonding is more valuable than a million dollars in the bank account. Please look forward to your child’s future and make them feel special, not a burden.
God gave us life to cherish. Not to harm neither to get sad.

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