Should You Opt for a Normal Delivery or a Caesarean Delivery?

Should You Opt for a Normal Delivery or a Caesarean Delivery?

“Don’t close your eyes, wake up, be strong, think about the moment after this.” These were the words of my husband when we were together in the labour room. I had a normal delivery and by God’s grace, I delivered a cute little angel.

Pregnancy brings a lot of happiness in a married couple’s life. Their life changes completely, but while they are planning and preparing, they think about the delivery type too.

Nowadays, a caesarean section has become a choice and it is no more a decision of the doctor. It’s completely a personal thing. There is no comparison between both types of delivery methods, except the pain. But above all, the main thing to think about is the baby, whom a woman carries in her womb for 9 months. Taking good care and making that child a responsible human being is more important. In front of this delivery is a very small process. Our actual test begins after that.

If I talk about myself, I opted for normal delivery after a lot of thinking. I must say I was lucky to have the two most important persons of my life by my side at the time of my delivery (my mother and husband). Normal delivery is a natural process. It has fewer stitches and helps one heal faster. For a mother, it is really important to get back to normal life for her baby. If I were to recommend to someone, I would say that one must opt for normal delivery, if there are no complications involved.

If God has chosen women for such pure thing then has also provided us with the strength to bear the pain. A few things, I can recommend when you opt for normal delivery are consult your doctor, make your mind, have faith, be positive, talk to an experienced person (your mother), seek help from your partner, watch nice pregnancy-or- delivery-related videos, listen to motivational speakers, stay calm, eat healthy, drink lots of water, avoid canned or packed food and be surrounded by people you love.

Dedicated to all wonder women.

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