My Backbone – My Husband, Whose Presence Fills Me With Courage and Love

My Backbone - My Husband, Whose Presence Fills Me With Courage and Love

I still remember the horrible pain which stopped me from holding my 1-day-old baby. After a caesarean delivery, I was feeling so weak and withered. I was super excited to hold my bundle of joy but I couldn’t and I had to console myself by just seeing her lying beside me. The very first day I tried to breastfeed her, I felt so much pain and my milk was not coming out. Once again, I could not feed and feel my baby. She was fed formula milk until I could feed her.

It was my husband who pacified me and managed to feed our baby; when my girl cried, he got up, held her in his arms and made her sleep, although my husband sleeps like a baby. During pregnancy, I used to puke during the night twice or thrice but I don’t remember a day when he would wake up to help me. And now, he woke up whenever my girl made a little move. He stayed at the hospital with me without a single thought.

Three days later, I was discharged from the hospital and taken to my home. I took a bath and lay down on the bed, my girl sleeping alongside me. My husband came with a tray full of fruits and gruel and served me. He made sure of every thing that needed to be taken care of. When my girl peed and pooped, he changed her nappy; although we were in a joint family, he took the entire responsibility as he used to say, “This baby is mine too and I am her father how can I miss this opportunity to attach my baby with me”. Those 7 days after my delivery, whenever my girl woke up in the middle of the night for 3-4 hours, my husband also woke up with her and walked around the room holding her. He made me take complete rest as my stitches were so fresh and I was prescribed not to lift anything heavy for 7-8 days, not even my baby, except for when I would be feeding her.

He consumed his leaves to stay with us for almost 2 months. Those days were the most crucial days where I saw the other side of my hubby who is caring and understanding, full of love and sympathy, and takes the full responsibility to look after our baby. I certainly say that he is my backbone. Even though I could not stand straight properly, he aided me emotionally and physically. I guess, the word ‘soulmate’ definitely made for him.

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