Parenting - Our Ongoing Journey

Parenting – Our Ongoing Journey

I am the mother of two boys. My first son is 3 years old, and my second boy is just 6 months old. I had a c-section to deliver both the babies. Here, I am going to tell you something about raising a preschooler and an infant. My hubby and I are all alone in parenting the children. Here are the challenges we are facing and how we overcome them.

  • The first thing we learnt is, “Believe” that we can raise them well without anyone’s help.
  • Patience is extremely important to handle any situation. We wait patiently for the change we want to see in your babies
  • Always be together because, without the help of the partner, we can’t do anything.
  • Say to yourself “He/she is my child. I can do it for them. Whatever pain I am going through will heal. Now, I can do it for my babies”.

We were extremely confused and upset several times because of our first son, Aadvik’s, adamant behaviour. We had to patiently wait for him to change. Sometimes, we behaved like children and told him he was the superhero who can save or help us. Aadvik likes to watch Paw Patrol. Whenever he was not in our control, we would say “You are our rider. Please help us”. He would become happy and start playing with us. This is how we changed him.

The hardest part, however, was to get him to mingle with his infant brother. We kept saying we are family, he is your baby brother, you need to care for him, and that you are a responsible brother. Now, he likes to take care of him. We include him to play with the infant during bath time also. With his, he’s begun enjoying being an elder brother.

Being a parent involves a lot of how you deal with your child’s issues and raise them.

I wish everyone a happy parenting journey.

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