Only Having a Job Doesn't Make You an Independent Woman

Only Having a Job Doesn’t Make You an Independent Woman

“I want to be an independent woman”, Saavi, a teenage girl excitedly said. Avni, her mother, looked towards her and asked, “What do you mean by an independent woman?” Saavi with a little chuckle replied, “Mom, independent women are those who can pay bills on their own, can buy anything they want and are not dependent on….”

“Earning money has no relation with being independent”, Avni interrupted while taking a sip of coffee. “Okay! I’m all ears”, curious Saavi said to her mother.

She is an independent woman if she is confident, strong-willed and emotionally strong. She believes in her decisions and thoughts. Her life is not plagued by self-doubt and self-blame.

If she has the courage to raise her voice against wrongdoing, she is an independent woman. She never hums and haws over helping others in need. Nothing stops her from taking a stand for herself and others.

If she is comfortable in her own skin, she is an independent woman. She doesn’t need the validation of anybody. Sometimes, people call her rude, churlish blah blah blah but she never gets affected. No matter what she never compromises her self-respect. She has moral values and ethics. She doesn’t get scared of being judged.

An independent woman firmly believes that if she is fit and content only then, she can make others smile. She gives priority to her health because self-love brings about positivity in oneself.

If she takes a decision in a rational way and not emotionally, she is an independent woman. She uses her education for the betterment and to bring good changes in society. She doesn’t follow the crowd blindly. She lives her life on her own terms.

[Doorbell rings] “Look at the clock! How time has flown!” Avni was flabbergasted. Yes, mom, this topic was engrossing. This will surely give a new light to my thought process. I’ll try to implement this in my life.

[Doorbell rings again], “Oh! We forgot to open the door”, both of them said at the same time. Mother and daughter had a belly laugh together.

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