How to Massage a New Born Baby?

Massing a newborn baby daily is an excellent way of bonding with the baby. More research says daily massage for newborns helps them fetter sleeping, treats colic, develops motor skills, and also helps to boost blood circulation.

In this blog, you can get the complete guide on how to give a soothing massage to a baby.

Keep these items Ready:

  • Soft Blanket or Turkey Towel
  • Soothing Massage oil (clinically Tested)
  • Baby Massage Roller

Make sure all the above items are ready. Always test the small portion of oil on a baby’s skin and wait for a day to check for allergies or irritation.

A step-by-step guide to Massaging a Baby:

  1. Close all curtains and create a calm atmosphere. Play some soothing music or white noise for your baby.

2. Undress your baby and say it’s a Massgaging time. keep her on a towel. Start with a Gentle touch by saying a “Hello”. When you start to massage them for the first time, please give her a gentle touch to make her feel more comfortable. As your baby grows, you can use a firmer touch

3. Take oil and rub it on your hands to make it warm and gently apply it to your babies by giving a light stroke from the baby’s head to the ones.

4. Spend one minute for each part and massage clockwise.

5. For the Tummy– Give a massage after the fall of the umbilical cord. Place your hands on a tummy horizontally and move from side to side for two minutes. This helps to relieve gas and also heal colic pain.

6. For Hands– Take 3 to 4 drops of oil and gently apply on both hands. Look at your Babyeyes and gently massage her palms and gaps between the fingers. This way of massaging makes your baby sleepy.

7. For Legs–  For Newborns, begin with legs. Gently hold the baby’s ankle and give a downward stroke with one hand. Watch your baby’s reaction and repeat the same for another leg. While Massaging, try to introduce some exercise like cycling motion by gently pushing your baby’s legs backwards and forwards. It helps to gain more strength in the knees

Finally, keep your baby in the back position, give a gentle massage for the shoulders, and give a thumb-by-thumb massage from neck to hip.

Final Words:

Next to the skin-to-skin contact massaging is the best way to connect your baby and create a strong bonding. Check the baby’s reaction, and she stiffens; if she starts to cry or becomes irritable, move to another part of the body or end the massing porting for a day. If she responds positively, start a gentle massage by covering all sections of her body.

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