How Can Parents Help Kids in Easing Their Post-vaccination Pain?

How Can Parents Help Kids in Easing Their Post-vaccination Pain?

Vaccinations have the power to protect children and adults against life-threatening health risks. Giving birth to and raising a child amidst the prevailing pandemic situation has not been an easy journey. There has been a constant scare in the family of unknowingly exposing my 9-month-old daughter to any risk. Taking precautions and timely immunizations can ward off various ailments, and at this crucial time, immunizing my child against various illnesses was of utmost importance. However, babies and toddlers don’t really look forward to the immunization day, but we should not undermine its importance as parents. 

Though watching my daughter get her immunization shot is painful, the screams and tears are a very small price for the long-run benefits. Parents should not neglect their child’s scheduled vaccinations. Here are a few tips that can help comfort your baby post-vaccine doses –

  • You can swaddle your child tightly. This may calm them down instantly.
  • Making “shushing” sounds close to their ears can also help control their restlessness.
  • A gentle massage on the injection spot can relieve your baby from the pain.
  • Cuddling your kid in your arms or trying to distract them with a toy or their favorite thing can also prove to be helpful.
  • Mothers can also consider feeding their babies soon after the shot, which would help them forget the pain.

My suggestion to all new mothers reading this article is to plan their child’s immunization based on the kid’s schedule throughout the day. It is important to know her sleep and eating routines. The best time may be between her feeding time and sleeping time.
A good nap makes the child forget about the immunization experience. Parents should regularly check the kid’s temperature to avoid high fever. They should also check for any swell in the injection spot after vaccination. Consulting a physician is recommended if the symptoms do not fade off even after 2-3 days of vaccination. 

My husband and I make time for doctor’s consultations and vaccinations. Always having us beside her gives my daughter a sense of security and keeps her cheerful. Taking the child to a play gym and playing with her with colorful toys often makes her get back to her cheerful self.

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