Everything Happens for a Reason, Just Believe in Yourself

You heard it right – it’s triplets!
I’m not good at story writing but am just trying to make an attempt to write my pregnancy journey so that someone somewhere gets benefited.
I had a very difficult pregnancy. High blood pressure, swelling, gestational issues, vomiting, stress, anxiety, fear, pregnancy sugar, breathing difficulties and the list goes on and on! But above of all, I had great support systems like my loving husband, my parents and sisters and jiju, in-laws, the whole family,  friends, my doctors, in-fact everyone I met in this beautiful journey called pregnancy, who really cared loved and prayed for me and for our little ones.
I was fortunate enough how smooth everything went and now when I look back I feel really lucky. So many things could have gone wrong but somehow we managed everything by God’s grace.
I made it in 34 weeks by looking at all my health conditions, it was decided to have C-section that evening. It was not an easy day for me and my husband, parents and in-laws because everyone was worried about me and our tiny ones. But we had the world’s best doctor who helped, supported and cared for us in every step. And then at 8.33 pm, 8.35 pm and at 8.37 pm we welcomed our cute little sweethearts to this beautiful world. I still cherish that moment when I saw my kids for the first time as soon after they came out of my womb. 
They were shifted to NICU as they were premature kids. God was really kind to us in everything. I just don’t have words to describe my happiness. My husband and I are so overwhelmed with the love and support of each one.
Sometimes God will listen to our prayers and he performs some miracles. I truly believe in him and he blessed me beyond. Of course he knew that we can handle it when I was pregnant. I was thinking of so many things as I knew that I’m going to become a mama to a trio. We face challenges in our daily life or we come across so many things on a daily basis (either way). But I would say this is the most beautiful reward ever. After having given birth I realize that my biggest part is now somehow external and being a mama to three I prepared myself both emotionally and physically to stay strong beforehand. Never stop believing in hope because miracles happen every day.
So always have trust in Him and believe in yourself that you’re meant to live a life full of purpose, magic and miracles. Keep your hopes high and stay positive!

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