Effective Ways of Communicating With a Child and Its Benefits

Effective Ways of Communicating With a Child and Its Benefits

Communication plays a very important role in a child’s upbringing. Here are some ways to communicate with your child-

Try to speak with your child in every activity in which he is involved.
1. When the child is eating food: Tell him what he is eating, tell him the name of the fruits, vegetables, and grains. Tell him whether he is having his breakfast, lunch or dinner. Teach him how to eat, and what the importance of eating is. All these can be done parallely while feeding the child.

2. When the child is having his screen time: Just don’t take that time as your free time to finish some other work or to take some rest. Please remember your little one will grasp the things he sees. So you have to be very attentive and careful about the content which the little mind is watching. Try to put the things which impart some learning in any way. Explain to him the things by naming them or by showing him objects around. For better understanding, you can use their toys /books/things at home/by pointing some familiar faces to them, etc.

3. When a child is ready to sleep:
At this time, be calm and polite with the child. Even if he is mischievous or misbehaving, try to be polite. Don’t shout or express anger, because it may affect his sleep.
At this time, speak with the child, by narrating the good or bad he did during the day. Appreciate him for the good and explain about the bad which he should not be doing. Your kid will definitely understand because he is listening to you carefully now, as he is not involved in any activity. So bedtime is the best time to connect with your child. You can create a story of his activities and use some cartoon characters or animals or anything which he likes to make him listen interestingly.

Benefits of Communication

The above-mentioned scenarios are just a few examples of communication. You can be talkative with the child during all his activities.

  • Good communication will help your child in understanding things in better and effective way.
  • Your child will not feel lonely, he knows that you are there for him. For example, while watching TV, if you do the same action or sing the same song, watch your child’s behaviour; he will be so excited and happy.
  • Communication imparts a healthy environment for the child to grow.
  • You can see the spontaneity in your child.
  • Your child’s overall development will be good and slowly you can see that he wants you to talk with him more.
Little ones are very enthusiastic. Our little time with them is a base for their whole life.
Thank you all!

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