Celebrating Women in Many Avatars - More Power to You!

Celebrating Women in Many Avatars – More Power to You!

Happy Women’s day to us!

I am blessed to be born a girl. I am happy to be playing so many roles at the same time and humbled by the blessings and love I receive as gifts. I am blessed to be able to feel the turmoil of emotions and yet be able to stand strong. Womanhood is like a drive through a road – sometimes smooth, sometimes bumpy. It is sometimes enjoyable, while at times, it pushes me to be over-cautious. Therefore, sometimes, I press on that accelerator, while sometimes, a strong break!

Women, you are God’s creations.

Playing different roles – of a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a mother has helped me grow and learn as an individual. Juggling between personal and professional commitment makes me a better planner and value each and every second of the day.

The care, concern and lessons I received as a daughter from my parents make me stronger and confident as a primary caregiver, as a mother. Parenting gyan is passed on from one to other generations, and it is the treasure for a mother. Giving birth and moulding my munchkins with my own hands and seeing them grow as happy kids is life’s greatest blessing.

My husband is my biggest support and best friend. He really held my hand in the hardest of times and gave me the best memories. He made me realise that I still can do better and encouraged me to believe in myself and stay focused and grounded.

Family is one place where all our strength and energy come from. Achieving great heights professionally does make me feel proud and so confident of myself. But ultimately, that relaxing cup of tea and comfort of the loved ones is what we always look forward to no matter how upside down we might be feeling.

Often we are bounded by our own limitations and are unable to think beyond the usual or are clouded by emotions, and hence many of us feel weak and left out. The best solution which I have practised is to believe in yourself,  have faith that you will sail through and keep working on yourself.

It’s not easy to be us. Expectations from society, peers, parents and even known associates is supposedly always high. Why do people feel we are “super-powerful”, “one-person army” whereas men are applauded at even the slightest of efforts made in both professional and personal life. Even if the world has moved to the digital age, and the focus has increased on diversity, women empowerment and women liberty, I feel we need to focus on individual thinking and stereotype attitude and break the age-old belief-system about women.  

I have two bright twin boys, and I am raising them as better humans.

Be Brave, Women and Be Strong!

Celebrate everyday and create value for yourself in whatever you do!

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