A Letter Filled with Care, Hope, Intimacy, and Dreams of a Future Parent for Her Unborn Child

A Letter Filled with Care, Hope, Intimacy, and Dreams of a Future Parent for Her Unborn Child

My dear child,

Believe you are happy and safe inside me. Your mamma and papa are super excited out here. I am expecting that you can now feel my heart, full of love for you.

Now, the world is passing through a pandemic of a contagious disease. You don’t worry, we are safe and staying at home, and taking all precautions when we have to go outside. We are expecting a new world after your entry, one of smiling faces instead of masked emotions. You are the hope, about to light up our life in all this darkness.

Your mama is enjoying motherhood. You are making me a little chubby. I am enjoying different tastes, and I am having healthy foods. I hope you are liking all the foods I am eating!

I know you love to express your movements and kicks. Then, why do you sometimes hide from your papa? He really wants to feel you. Sometimes, you continuously move inside me, and suddenly keep calm when papa put his hands on the belly. Are you enjoying your papa’s touch, or are you afraid? You don’t need to worry – the world’s best papa is waiting here for you.

I know you are also excited to meet your parents, and see the beauty of the world.
Sometimes, when I hear a sound, I feel you are jumping inside, waiting to come outside and experience this external world.

We do have not much experience handling a child. You are our first child. We are expecting that you won’t trouble us too much! Actually, your mama is a little nervous about the delivery, and hopes that you will reach our arms without much difficulty.

There are only a few weeks remaining for our union. We are busy here, getting ready all the things that you will need outside. You have completed 30 weeks inside the womb; only 10 more weeks, then you will get to experience the outside world! I am sure you will definitely love the world around you.

We are all eagerly waiting to see your tiny hands, soft cheeks, glowing eyes, and sweet lips. So, come fast, little champ!

With lots of love,
Your mama.

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