Cold Hands and Feet in Babies – Is It Normal

Cold Hands and Feet in Babies - Is It Normal

When parents come across a situation wherein their baby’s hands and feet are cold but the baby has no fever, they are left in a conundrum. If the baby appears calm and in no kind of discomfort, the confusion can only increase! The presence of cold feet and hands is not unheard of and is usually not a problem. Your baby’s body is just doing its best to keep itself functioning properly.

Is Having Cold Feet Common in Infants


There are multiple cases that have been observed where a child’s hands or feet have been observed to be colder than his body. While this happens when your baby is sick, it can also happen without any illness. So, if you see your baby has cold feet and hands but appears to be fine otherwise without any signs of discomfort or crying, rest assured, it is normal.

Why Babies Have Cold Feet

Having just emerged from the womb, the development of a child is still progressing speedily. The presence of cold feet in a newborn is much higher than other kids, and the reason is extremely simple. Their circulation system is still trying to keep up with the body’s demands. Therefore, the body focuses all its efforts on keeping the vital organs at the right temperature. This can, at times, reduce the heat distribution in the feet and hands, which is why they seem to a be a lot colder than any other region.

What to do When Your Child’s Feet are Cold

In general cases, your baby’s feet might be cold but he might not have an issue with that. However, if you feel that the cold might get him irritated, you can do the following to keep things going ahead without issues.

  • If your baby is lying naked or with just a diaper, dress him up. Let him wear socks and a nice shirt to cover up the body so that the heat can be redistributed. Don’t bundle him up in a blanket or make him wear a sweater if the surrounding temperature is normal.
  • In case you feel worried about your baby, use a thermometer and take a quick temperature of your kid. In case the body temperature is less than 97 degrees, you can use an additional blanket to keep him warm.

When to Worry

If your baby is showing a high temperature or fever, along with signs of irritation and consistent crying or even other undesirable behaviours, get him checked by the doctor.

While parents may feel that the baby’s hands and feet are always cold, this is usually not the case. Let your child grow up a bit and his body will be warm all around once he is about 3 months old or so.

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