Cold Hands and Feet in Babies – Is It Normal?

Cold Hands and Feet in Babies - Is It Normal

As a parent, you may come across a situation wherein your baby’s hands and feet are cold but she doesn’t have a fever. Cold hands and feet are not unheard of in babies and are quite normal. Your little one can have cold limbs, even without an illness. If that’s the case, there’s no need to worry.

Why Do Babies Have Cold Hands and Feet?

Newborns are more likely to have cold hands and feet. There’s a simple explanation for this. As your baby’s circulation system tries hard to adapt to the outside world, the heat in the body gets diverted to the vital organs. This reduces the heat in her feet and hands, making it seem colder than the other parts of her body.

What To Do If Your Child’s Limbs Are Cold

You can do these things to restore the warmth to your baby’s limbs.

  • Don’t allow your baby to lie naked; dress her up with socks and a full-sleeved top. Don’t bundle her up in a blanket or make her wear a sweater.
  • Use a thermometer and check your baby’s temperature. In case the body temperature is less than 97 degrees, you can use an additional blanket to keep her warm.

When Should You Go to a Doctor?

If your baby has a high temperature and displays irritation and consistent crying, take her to a paediatrician.

Cold hands and feet are not a cause for concern if they are unaccompanied by a fever.

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