10 Gift Ideas for a New Mom That Are Beyond Spa Vouchers and Baby Toys

10 Gift Ideas for a New Mom That Are Beyond Spa Vouchers and Baby Toys

Becoming a mama is not an easy feat. So, when celebrating the new mom and her little bundle of joy, you will be tempted to gift her something extraordinary or expensive. Sure, a relaxing spa or a movie night could be a good gifting option, but finding the energy and time to head out may be slightly tougher for her in the initial months with her baby. Why not consider something that makes her postpartum period a little easier and, most importantly, relieves her from the stress of baby care in one of the most challenging periods of her life?

Baby care can be challenging at first, but when you know you have the right care products in your hand, you will slowly gain confidence in routines, habits and the right products for your baby.

Here, we bring you some fantastic gift ideas for a new mom and her baby. Let’s check them out, shall we?

List of Top 10 Gifts for New Moms

Besides gift cards and baby toys, this list covers everything from caring for a mom’s needs to making her feel loved.

1. Swaddle Wraps and Blankets

A combo of swaddle wrap and blanket is a traditional yet popular gift idea for moms to take care of their newborns. Trust us; these are versatile functionality-wise– they work as swaddle covers, burp clothes, nursing covers, lightweight blankets, and even stroller covers. You can look for a swaddle/blanket that is lightweight, premium and of soft fabric like cotton muslin or premium woollen.

2. Baby Skincare Products

Baby’s skincare gift bundle is the perfect reasonable gift for moms who want to give their little ones the best of everything. But why skincare products? A newborn baby’s skin is fragile and vulnerable to outside elements like heat, cold, humidity, and pollution. Finding specially formulated safe baby skin care products takes a lot of groundwork, and let’s be honest, receiving a gift that is essential, and saves you time and money, is always welcome!

Gentle bath products like the Sebamed Baby Gentle Wash are an all-rounder with no-tears formula and nourishing ingredients like squalene, while Sebamed Baby Massage Oil, with 100% botanical ingredients and a non-sticky formulation, makes it a no-brainer for delicate baby skin.

You can personalise the gift bundle by opting for a nourishing Sebamed Baby Lotion which is enriched with calming Chamomile extract and other hydrating ingredients, a tear-free Sebamed Cleansing Bar and Children’s Shampoo with pH 5.5, a Sebamed Rash Cream to protect your baby’s chubby bums from inflammation, and Sebamed Soothing Massage Oil for healthy skin and bones. A perfectly curated baby skincare hamper is one of the most thoughtful gifts a mom can receive.

3. Personalised Accessory

Accessories like bracelets, necklaces, or hoops are timeless pieces that moms can wear even after their postpartum period. Plus, if you personalise it with their baby’s or partner’s name, you’re in for a sentimental tear or two from the new mama.

4. Mom Care Package

Between breastfeeding and diaper changes, every mom hopes for some pampering time for herself. And what better can you gift her than a mom care package that includes body and facial care? Throw in body butter, a stretch mark oil, a portable massager, hand and foot care cream, a breastfeeding-safe facial pack, and an undereye cream, and the mom care package is ready!

5. Comfortable Postpartum Clothes

Postpartum comfort is essential! There’s nothing like a comfy yet cute loose dress that gives her easy access for nursing times. If you are close to the new mom, this gift will be perfect, as picking the right clothes can be a tricky gift to opt for.

6. Diaper Backpack

A diaper backpack or a diaper handbag that is lightweight and has tons of space is every mom’s BFF. Travelling with her baby gets so much more convenient when there’s a spacious bag that fits all the extra baby stuff like diapers, wipes, feeding bottles, spare clothes and more but also has room for mommy’s usual items!

7. The Play Gym

A play gym is a cool and modern gift idea to keep babies entertained and give the mom some time to herself. Before you look for a play gym, we recommend checking for safety, quality and age appropriateness, although they are highly recommended for baby brain development by paediatricians, making them a gift worth the investment.

8. Aromatic Candle Set

The first few months of baby care are TIRING! A little aromatherapy at the end of a long day can give a new mom some respite. It can be used while bathing, sleeping, and even journalling about navigating the new mom life.

9. Photo Album

Babies are so darn cute that it is hard to resist taking pictures of them doing pretty much anything. While digital memories are convenient, there’s a charm about sifting through photo albums and reliving precious moments. So, for those sleeping, eating, and smiling snaps, a photo album will be cherished for years to come.

10. Assorted Chocolates and Treats

Celebration is synonymous with sweet, and gifting chocolates and treats is classic and never runs out of style. Make it slightly luxurious with truffles or customised chocolate packs, and she won’t be able to resist a sweet treat or two!

Getting the new mom what she practically needs will certainly make her feel special and appreciative of your thoughts and effort in buying a perfect gift. Since baby care and postpartum healing take a few months to get used to, these gifts will definitely mean the world to a new mama.

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