7 Signs That Tell Your Preschooler Has Learnt To Negotiate

7 Signs That Tell Your Preschooler Has Learnt To Negotiate

Negotiation is a crucial quality that your preschooler needs to learn to lead a peaceful and happy life. Your growing little one needs to learn that he should not stick to his particular opinion, idea, or choice but also consider and appreciate others point of view when both make sense. And, if you have been working towards making your preschooler learn to negotiate in his day-to-day life and wish to check whether he has adapted to this good quality, here are certain signs that can help you!

1. Expresses His Own Choices

If your child expresses his choices or ideas instead of demanding his choice, then that’s a sign indicating your kid has learnt to negotiate. You will find your preschooler expressing that he likes a certain game or bag that he would like to have, and asks you whether you can get it for him. Furthermore, your preschooler may also ask you to make a “good” choice if you happen to reject his choice.

2. Practices Give and Take Policy

If your preschooler puts a step forward to share his toys with his friends, then you can say your little one has learnt to negotiate. Instead of refusing to share his toys with others, you will find your kid willing to share his toys with his friends and ask them to share their toys with him. Following such a ‘Give and Take’ policy promotes negotiation tendency in kids.

3. Asks For Your Opinions

Do you find your preschooler asking which pair of shoes or a T-shirt he should wear while going to the playground? If yes, that’s a good sign. Your child speaks up and asks for your opinion, instead of sticking to his particular notion all the time. This is a healthy sign indicating your child has adapted negotiation tendency.

4. Agrees To Settle a Conflict

When in a conflict with other kids, if your child agrees to cool down and settles the conflict by considering a few of his ideas as well as his friends’ ideas then that’s a good sign of negotiation. Your kid chooses to respect others’ point of view while settling a conflict.

5. Learns Good Manners

If you find your little one saying ‘Sorry’, ‘Thank You’, ‘Welcome’, or ‘Have Something’ and following good manners, then it indicates that your child is learning to negotiate. Following good manners is a sign of respecting others which helps build stronger social bonds.

6. Follows Your Instructions

Following your instructions and guidelines is one of the most prominent signs that tell your preschooler has learnt to negotiate. You will find your little one listening to all your instructions attentively and following them appropriately. He knows you want the best for him. He also knows that doing this will make you happy!

7. Builds New Friendships

If your kid makes new friends, then you can say he has learnt to negotiate. How? By making new friends, your little one learns to understand his interests and the others’ interests as well. You may find a positive change in your kid as he builds new friendships.

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