How to Help a New Mom with Postpartum Depression

4 Ways to Really Help Out a New Mom!

From sleepless nights to feeding the baby at ungodly hours- there is much that a new mom goes through. In such fatigue-induced times, a little help can be a world of support to her. Go over the ideas and be a pro at helping new mothers breathe a bit.

As satisfying as motherhood can be, the gruelling task of managing a baby can make a new mom buckle under pressure. In such a tense and crazy scenario where each day brings its own set of giggles, challenges, and stress a new mom needs a world of support. Whether you’re a new mom or are looking to help one out, these ideas can be your best bet.

How to Help a New Mom in Unexpected Sweet Ways

1. Be the errand girl

Amidst the flurry of looking after a baby, a new mom can have a string of personal and home-related pending errands. Step up to the occasion and offer to help run those errands for her. It could be anything from restocking the groceries, picking up baby food, calling the carpenter to fix the light in the baby room, to taking the dog to the vet. A little help will really ease your friend’s stress of making that errand trip.

2. Pamper. Pamper. Pamper

Pamper. Pamper. Pamper:

New moms go through a numbing number of things and need time to recover in both body and mind. This is exactly when she needs comfort and a world of pampering. Arrange for a mani-pedi session at home for her, whilst you look over the baby. Give her hair an oil massage and offer to help her wash it later, a la salon style. The best thing- gift her a massaging chair that she can use even while she’s nursing the baby. These are one of the few ways to help a new mom relax.

3. Offer to babysit

The best way of helping new mothers is by offering to babysit. While you look after the baby and snuggle him, a new mom can catch up on her sleep, take a luxuriant bubble bath, exercise a bit and even pee in peace. There is so much she’d want to do in this alone time once she’s handed the strings of her baby to someone she trusts. Urge her to get out of the house while you babysit and grab a coffee with her husband, go to the mall, or unwind at a spa. In her heart, you’re godsent really!

4. Home-cooked food surprise

Between tending to the baby 24×7 and looking after the home, cooking isn’t an easy task. Besides, who has the mind and strength to dice the vegetable fine for a broth and experiment with new delicacies? Motherhood is all-consuming, and nothing says “I’m there” to her quite like the gift of home-cooked food. Surprise her by preparing her favourite dishes (even something for the baby) and stack them up in her fridge.

Helping a new mom deal with this new phase of life can be cathartic for her. Compliment her if you think she’s lost weight, hear her rant without correcting her, and just be around to make her happy!

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