10 Important Rainy Day Essentials for Kids

10 Rainy Day Essentials for Children

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Children go berserk when the first rains hit the grounds and before you know they will be out on the streets, screaming and shouting, and playing around in the rain. You find out about it only when they return back home, drenched, and sniffling or even sneezing. Children and rain are inseparable, which is why one of the important ways to keep them safe is to have children’s rain gear in place as well as keep a bunch of other tips in mind.

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Monsoon Essentials for Kids

Monsoon Essentials for Kids

Here are some rainy-season essentials for your kids:

1. The Trusty Umbrella

This is the first thing you ought to go out and buy when the signs of rain start becoming imminent. An umbrella is quite good at providing a basic level of protection from the rain and can help you move around and reach a safer place, too. Get your kid one for his size in his favourite colour or one that sports his favourite cartoon.

2. The Fully-Covered Raincoat

Torrential rains and speeding vehicles can make umbrellas useless, as water seems to come from every direction. Especially when kids are returning from schools, their uniform and bags can easily get wet. Purchase a nice bright coloured raincoat that is full-sized and covers your child from head to toe. Go for separate shirt and pants pieces if needed. If it can cover their bag as well, that’s an added bonus.

3. The Right Footwear

Having proper footwear is essential for your child since he will tend to walk through pools of water and dirty areas whenever he steps outside or is returning home. Keeping the feet clean is essential as well as getting shoes that prevent slipping or skidding on the road. If you stay in an area of torrential rainfall, invest in gumboots as well.

4. A Portable Sanitizing Option

You might take effective care of your child at home, making sure he washes his hands properly. But at school, the same cannot be always ensured. If he plays around during recess and ends up having lunch without washing his hands properly with soap, you are in for a ton of problems, especially in the monsoons. Get him a small sanitizer which he can keep in his bag. Insist on washing hands but let him know that he can quickly clean them with a few drops from the sanitizer as well.

5. A Warm Jacket Can Be Quite Useful

Protection from the rain while outside is necessary. But protection from cold weather is a necessity, too. At times, constant rain can bring down the temperature instantly, making your child feel cold at home. A nice warm jacket can prevent him from getting cold or contracting a fever. If you can get a raincoat that functions as a warm jacket, which will keep him warm even when he’s drenched.

6. Utilize Towels That Absorb Well and Dry Quick

Your child might get wet multiple times in the day, necessitating a proper bath frequently. This makes it necessary to have a towel that can clean the body well, absorb all the water, as well as dry quickly to be used again. Invest in such a towel, especially for your kid, so that he stays dry at all times. Get a small napkin as well that he can carry around in his school bag.

7. Water-proof Carry Bags are Helpful in Various Ways

Carrying out wet umbrellas and raincoats can be quite a pain. Or carrying something extra in rain without the right way to protect it can pose a challenge. Having a few carry bags in your child’s schoolbag can resolve the problem. These need to be waterproof so as to prevent anything inside them from getting wet, as well as stop water inside them from seeping outside.

8. Wet Wipes Can Help Clean Things up Real Quick

With monsoons come inevitable slip-ups and mud splotches on the body and the clothes. It may not always be possible to find a tap and clean it all quickly. Having a small box of wet wipes helps remove the dirt quickly and dispose of them in the dustbin right away. If water has splashed all over the child, he can wipe his face to keep himself clean and then reach home quickly to clean the rest.

9. Extra Clothes Can Be Carried Too

If your child is going to be away from home for longer durations, such as at school or a day-long picnic, it is best to give him a change of clothes. Getting wet in the rain and being stuck without a change can expose him to contracting a cold and fever quite easily. A change of clothes can keep him dry at all times.

10. Safe and Healthy Snacks to Munch On

This requires some participation from your child as well. Rather than give him money to eat food outside, give him healthy snacks to keep in his bag instead. Advise him to stay away from street food and give him tasty alternatives instead. Keep them with you, too, when stepping outside with your kid.

Kids love monsoons. And they love to go wild and have a fun time with their friends. No matter where they are, taking a few steps to keep them safe can go a long way in ensuring that they can continue being the fun-filled kids they are and enjoy the rains to their fullest.


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